Saudi Arabia deports 200 more Somalis who were only seeking a better life

Update January 6:  Reader Petzix sent us the website ‘UN Watch’ with a story on the ten worst things the UN did in 2013, check it out here.  Ha! Ha! Ha! Saudi Arabia elected to the UN Human Rights Council!

They just ship them back and drop ’em off in Mogadishu.    Meanwhile the UN bullies Bulgaria to be more welcoming to Syrian Muslims and berates Burma for being unwelcoming to Rohingya Muslims, not a critical peep though about Muslim Saudi Arabia being unwelcoming to fellow Muslims.  The double standard is stunning!  No ‘diversity is beautiful’ for the Saudis!

Bye! Bye!

Every time I see one of these stories I’m reminded of the UNHCR saying in 2009 that the tradition of welcoming refugees comes out of the Islamic faith! From Mareeg: than 200 Somalis deported from Saudi Arabia have reached Mogadishu’s Aden Abdulle Airport on Friday. The people deported mostly young men and women were members of Somali immigrants who have travelled to the Kingdom of Saudi Srabia to seek better life and work following the civil wars in their homeland.

Some of those deported back to Mogadishu have said they were tortured and mistreated by the Saudi police while some of the people were detained for more than one month.

The country’s civil aviation authoroties said that more than two thousands Somalis were deported back to the country since September.

Just imagine for a moment the worldwide wailing and crying if the US deported 2,000 Somalis in three months! Photo is from this story—we will give Somalia money, but we don’t want your people!  (the article doesn’t say that, I do).

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