University of Kansas to teach Somali language….

….so Somalis might not feel so pressured to learn English (they don’t say that, I do).


LAWRENCE, Kan (WIBW) The University of Kansas is breaking new ground in the language training department.

Responding to the sunflower state’s increasing Somali speaking population, KU will soon be one of the first universities in the country to provide language training in somali.

Several thousand Somali speakers live in southwest Kansas and more than 5,000 Somali immigrants are currently in Kansas City.

An elementary Somali language class will be offered at the summer African language institute.

A more advanced Somali language classes will be taught in the fall and spring.

You know what is funny about this?  Kansas Governor (and former US Senator) Sam Brownback was, and is, a big advocate for more refugees (along with Grover Norquist) to come to America, but he DIDN’T WANT THE SOMALIS IN KANSAS!

By the way, whites are now a minority in Finney County, Kansas.   So what attracted the refugees to Kansas—meat packers, what else!

Somali stowaway update: kid to be interviewed by police, Mom on the way from Africa?

This is an update of the story that shocked the security world when a Somali teen successfully hid himself in the wheel well of a passenger jet and survived the flight from California to Hawaii.  Our first post and subsequent updates are here.

The mom in Ethiopia: I’ll be there soon so the US taxpayer can take care of all of us! Elias Asmare AP

From AP:

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) – Police said Tuesday they plan to interview a California teen who stowed away on a Hawaii-bound flight two weeks ago, surviving sub-freezing temperatures in the wheel well of a jetliner as it crossed the Pacific Ocean.


Law enforcement agents want to question Abdi about how he climbed over a fence at San Jose International Airport, then got into the wheel well of a Boeing 767 and survived the April 20 flight at 35,000 feet despite the cold and a lack of oxygen.

Authorities have searched the airport perimeter and found no signs of anyone going over or under the fence. A review of video surveillance also didn’t show Abdi, but there are gaps in the coverage. As a result of the breach, the airport is adding more cameras.


Abdi’s mother, Ubah Mohammed Abdule, lives in a refugee camp in eastern Ethiopia and told The Associated Press that the boy longed to see her but his father told him she was dead.


She said her asylum application is about to be concluded, and she is looking forward to seeing her family in the USA.

Yippee!  Soon the US taxpayer will be supporting Mom and her two younger kids while she fights a legal battle to gain custody of Abdi (who will pay for that?).

First Canadian Somali stands trial for allegedly helping Al-Shabaab

We have already had several trials and several guilty verdicts for Somali refugees in America who conspired, or actually went to Africa to help the Somali jihadists.   Key words ‘Somali terror trial’ brings up these past reports here at RRW.

Here is news about Canada’s first Somali terror trial.    By the way, Al-Shabaab is often spelled Al-Shabab.

Mohamed Hersi arriving in court last month

From the National Post:

A 28-year-old former security guard, Mr. Hersi is the first person to be charged with attempting to leave Canada to join a terrorist group. A second charge alleges he counselled an undercover Toronto police officer to take part in terrorist activity — namely joining Al-Shabab.

He has denied the allegations, saying he did not support Al-Shabab and had not planned on joining. When he was arrested at Toronto’s Pearson airport in March 2011, he was on his way to Cairo to study Arabic, he testified.

As the Crown got its first chance to grill Mr. Hersi on the witness stand Tuesday, he struggled to explain why, despite being trained to respond to security threats, he had failed to report the undercover police officer sent to befriend him.

Although the officer had confided that he was on his way to Somalia to join Al-Shabab, Mr. Hersi never turned him in or broke off their relationship. Instead, he gave the officer advice on how to travel to Somalia and buy guns, how much money to bring and how to avoid arousing suspicion.

He also told the officer to read an article by pro-Al-Qaeda ideologue Anwar Awlaki, and suggested he might return to Canada to “take care of” those who insulted the Muslim prophet Muhammad. “Don’t be scared,” Mr. Hersi told him.

There is more, read it all.