Half a million migrants said to be massing in Libya; plan to get to Europe

Invasion of Europe series continues….

Cecilia Malmstrom, EU Home Affairs chief is a Swede (of course!). http://www.lgbt-ep.eu/parliamentary-work/barroso-ii-commission-malmstrom/

The headline to this story at The New Zealand Herald is “Europe shuns Syria refugees,” but I believe mine is better!  Don’t they call this burying the lead?

“Pathetically few” nations in Europe have stepped forward to offer a safe haven to desperate Syrian refugees, the European Union’s Home Affairs chief says, raising the risk that many more could die at sea as they instead embark on perilous journeys to seek sanctuary.

Cecilia Malmstrom’s warning came as the EU’s border agency, Frontex, reported a leap in the number of people detected entering Europe illegally this year, with Syrians making up the largest proportion.

Up to half a million people are also believed to be massing in Libya and preparing to cross the Mediterranean, a route which claimed more than 700 lives last year.

Yet despite promises of action from EU leaders, who last October were united in their shock after at least 350 migrants died off the Italian coast, there are few signs that this summer will be different.

Instead, agencies trying to save lives are having to contend with shrinking budgets, a political vacuum in Libya and xenophobic rhetoric from far-right parties which has seeped into government refugee policy.  [LOL! I wonder if these leftist reporters have a goal to work one of these words—‘xenophobic,’ ‘racist’ or ‘bigoted’—into every refugee story! Who wrote this biased sentence?  Charlotte McDonald-Gibson —ed]

It is always about xenophobia, and never because sensible conservative citizens of European countries know that they simply can’t afford the economic and social problems that come with open borders and a rapidly changing demography!

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California bank cuts off money transfers to Somalia, other African countries

Editors note:  I’ve been away so hopefully will be able to catch up with the news in a bunch of short posts this morning.

“Somali pirate” greeted by Rep. Keith Ellison in forum to protect money transfer system to Africa. http://www.minnpost.com/community-sketchbook/2014/05/actor-barkhad-abdi-joins-ellison-protect-money-transfer-system-somali-c

The banks (and the feds) fear, of course, that the money being sent from Mom & Pop money transfer companies will end up in the hands of terrorists.

You have to sign up to get the full story at Foreign Policy, but here is how the story begins thanks to blogger Michele Kearney:

Rules designed to keep money out of the hands of terrorists could soon cut off support to millions of ordinary East Africans too. Last week, another financial institution — Merchants Bank of California — started closing accounts belonging to companies that collect money from African immigrants in the United States and send it to Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and other African countries.

The money-transmitter companies function like smaller versions of Western Union and MoneyGram, but they can send money to far-flung African villages that the big guys don’t serve. They rely on banks to make the international wire transfers necessary to get the money there. It’s part of a worldwide system of informal financial transactions between residents of impoverished countries and the friends and relatives living abroad who regularly send them money. The World Bank estimates that immigrants will send home $436 billion this year.

Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison is one of the chief advocates for keeping the money flowing to Somalia.   And, the more refugees we resettle, the more money that flows out in remittances to the third world.


Refugee lobbyists plan to bombard Congress during Refugee Advocacy Week; want more refugees and more money

The Refugee Council USA is the lobbying arm for the refugee contractors who might have to protect their non-profit status and their lucrative contracts from charges that they are lobbying Congress for themselves.   News hat tip: Joanne.

Erol Kekic, a former Bosnian refugee employed by Church World Service, is the present director of the RCUSA, the contractors’ lobbying arm. http://lancasteronline.com/lifestyle/faith_and_values/refugee-resettlement-banquet-sept/article_3cce1f6f-ae59-5fb3-adc8-e727c17ad728.html?mode=jqm

If you were thinking ‘why bother’ sending comments to the US State Department and to your US Senators and Members of Congress for the fiscal year 2015 refugee plans (here), please, think again in light of the the fact that the “advocates” are really ginning-up this year for a big push!

I believe they have figured out that “pockets of resistance” are forming in cities and towns across America and they must now push Congress harder for what they want!

Before we give you their latest “advocacy” campaign for the week of June 2-6 in advance of World Refugee Day (June 20th), here are the members of RCUSA (the nine major federal contractors are in red, they get almost all of their funding from US taxpayers!):

Here is what they say on their “advocacy” (community organizing) page of their website about World Refugee Day advance work:

As we mark World Refugee Day on June 20, we invite you to join us in celebrating refugees’ courage in overcoming adversity and the many gifts they bring to our communities across the United States.

Together we can raise awareness about the need for improved policies and services to help refugees rebuild their lives in the United States. This year, we have designated June 2-6 as National Refugee Advocacy Week. Here are some actions you can take to help refugees in your community that week.

~Invite a policymaker to a World Refugee Day event in your area.

~Organize an in-district meeting with your members of Congress. Your Senators and Representatives will be in their local offices June 2-6, making it a great opportunity to meet with them to discuss important refugee policy and funding issues. Introduce them to a refugee!

~Call Congress to support refugee funding and legislation – and get others to join you

~Write a letter to your members of Congress encouraging support for refugees

For resources on how to carry out these advocacy action items and more advocacy ideas and tips, check out the Refugee Council USA’s 2014 World Refugee Day Advocacy Toolkit.

The toolkit is a great resource for you too!  Learn about the bills they are promoting and the committees they are aiming their lobbying toward.

One of the Leftists’ favorite techniques is to tell “stories” (sweet stories only of course) about refugees.  I’m thinking ‘what the heck!’ that is what we (at RRW) do too—tell stories about the programs problems and its cost, and the not-so-sweet stories (crimes, national security, cultural clashes) about refugees as well.

Aim our “advocacy” for restraint for the week of May 26-30!

So since they are aiming to bombard Congress for more money and more refugees during the Week of June 2-6, let’s aim our advocacy for the week of May 26-30 (especially as the State Department comment period ends May 29th).   Since RCUSA has lobbyists and money (some of it yours!) they will surely outnumber our comments and phone calls, but let’s at least muddy the waters for members of Congress!

Check out our Ten Reasons for a Moratorium on Refugee Resettlement, here.   We will be sending those to the US State Department, to Members of Congress and the Senate (especially to members of the key committees)!