Australian Muslims give up good life to fight in Syrian civil war

Just one more reason to slow the flow of so-called asylum seekers into Australia.   Are they there for a better life, or just to rest and propagate before heading off to some Muslim war zone?

From the Sydney Daily Telegraph (attempting to not sound Islamophobic in the opening paragraph):

SUCCESSIVE waves of immigrants to Australia largely abandoned disputes in their homelands after reaching our shores. Indeed, many immigrants from Europe, Asia and elsewhere specifically came to Australia so that they could escape violence and conflict.

Unfortunately, this inclination to leave troubles behind is not universal. Australia’s Muslim community features a small but troubling minority who actively seek out opportunities to take up arms. It is estimated that more than 100 Australian Muslims, many from NSW, have so far travelled to Syria and joined in the civil war.

Mother of four arrested on terrorism charges taken to police station where Islamic demonstrators rallied for her release.

Another reminder of local links to the Syrian war came on the weekend with the arrest of a young woman at Sydney International Airport. The 29-year-old, who allegedly was caught attempting to ferry cash and equipment to her husband in Syria, was charged with supporting incursions into a foreign state with the intention of engaging in hostile activities.

These developments are deeply worrying on a number of levels. It is bad enough that Australian citizens are joining, in relatively large numbers, a foreign conflict. Worse still is that they are becoming members of radical Islamic groups, whose extreme doctrines of hatred and intolerance therefore gain a greater hold within Australia’s Muslim community.

They will be baaacck! with their newly-acquired jihadist skills!

There is a much more detailed story here at which is also where the photo and protest report was found.

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Study: Not a huge number of Somalis in St. Cloud

Then why did they need a large mosque/school complex, and who was paying for it?

We wrote a post here in February where we quoted a blogger who estimated the Somali population in St. Cloud at 25,000!

Somali ‘patriots’ in St. Cloud, Minnesota!

Now some economists at St. Cloud State University say that number is way off—that the population is much much smaller.

So, if the economists are correct, it begs the question—-why do the Somalis need the expensive mosque complex that roiled the city in controversy here last fall, for so few people who surely couldn’t have the millions of dollars needed to build such a massive project?


ST. CLOUD – Two economists at St. Cloud State University released a study on immigration in St. Cloud on Friday, with a focus on immigrants from Eastern Africa.

The School of Public Affairs Research Institute released the “St. Cloud Immigration Fact Sheet”. The report was written by King Banaian, the director of the institute and economics professor, and Monica Garcia-Perez, assistant professor of economics and member of the Faculty Research Group on Immigration in Minnesota. The study reviews U.S. Census data and records from human service officials in Stearns County.

The report shows that 4,484 foreign-born individuals live in the City of St. Cloud, 6.8 percent of its estimated population.

Ethiopia was the birthplace of 195 of those in the city, compared to 469 from Kenya and 888 from “other Eastern Africa” which includes Somalia.

Now this next paragraph indicates there is a rapid increase in refugee numbers in the county as a whole  coinciding with the opening of Lutheran Social Services office there:

Separate information from Stearns County as a whole showed that 2,532 individuals receiving some human services spoke an east African language. That’s an increase from 1,243 people from 2010.

Banaian says there are many claims made in St. Cloud about the size of the East Africa immigrant population, but that most of the numbers in this study indicated otherwise.

“We read several stories in the press that had officials and citizens saying there were more than 10,000 Somali immigrants in the St. Cloud area,” Banaian says, “The data does’t support that claim and we felt it important to call attention to what the official data said.”

You can read the entire report by clicking here.

Dr. Luke Tripp a community organizer/agitator a’la Saul Alinsky/Obama!

Dr. Luke Tripp race baiter and Somali community agitator!

While researching this post I came across an opinion piece by Dr. Luke Tripp also from St. Cloud State.

I wrote about Tripp here in 2010 when it was clear he was politically organizing the Somalis and wanted to be sure to run Rep. Michele Bachmann out of office.

In his (October 2013) screed supporting the Somali Islamic Center he says opposition to the Mosque complex (it was to have residential housing and stores in addition to a school and mosque) was all about “white Christian hegemony.”

Opposition to the project demonstrated ‘deep-seated American racism!’ blah! blah! blah! said Tripp:

The city officials should enthusiastically support the proposal for the Islamic Center of St. Cloud. It will empower the Somali community to provide its members with social, economic, and psychological assets to support their integration into the city. By providing youth services and supporting families seeking guidance for solving problems, the center would serve as an agent to spawn solutions to pressing social needs.

It can also help dismantle racism in the city. The reality of the growing Somali population and the accompanying racial tensions will eventually compel some accommodation. However, without progressive political leadership, racial tensions will continue to fester, thus undermining the vision of a vibrant multicultural city. Will the city officials work to change the image of the city from “White Cloud” to “Rainbow Community?”

The White Council member’s opposition to the Islamic Center was strong and rigid. They and some White residents contended that the project would cause parking problems, traffic congestion, and lower property values. They were also critical of the size and location of the proposed Islamic Center of St. Cloud; the project is too large for the site.

Their argument was used to obscure, confuse and mislead the public. And it worked to a great extent because the predicted impact of the project on the area seemed reasonable. Thus their concerns seemed legitimate and unbiased. But their underlying opposition to the project reflects the deep-seated racism endemic to U.S. society.

See our complete archive on St. Cloud by clicking here.  We have been following the city’s troubles ever since some Somali ‘kids’ tormented a fellow student’s service dog here in 2008.

This week’s episode of Somali Stowaway Soap Opera; teen returns to Cali…

….but not to his parents’ home.

Yahya Abdi (15) wanted to get to Africa

For readers who may have been in Outer Mongolia over the last couple of weeks, go here for background on the Somali teen who survived a flight to Hawaii in the wheel well of a passenger jet.

No mention of whether he will be charged with any crime while exposing a major hole in airport security.  Imagine! while you are taking off your shoes and being patted down before boarding a plane, a Muslim kid is climbing into a wheel well out on the tarmac!

From (Hat tip:  ‘pungentpeppers’):


The teen stowaway who survived a trip to Hawaii returned to California Saturday, but it was unclear where he was taken.

The 15-year-old may not immediately return to his Santa Clara home.

The San Jose Mercury News reported the teen was in the custody of Santa Clara County’s Department of Family and Children’s Services.


The boy’s father reportedly flew to Hawaii earlier in the week in an attempt to bring his son home, but was denied any contact with him.

Relatives declined to comment about the situation at the family’s Santa Clara home. The ordeal has exposed how the Somali born teen had a hard time adjusting to life in America.

Still scratching our heads about why CAIR got involved in the first place!

The Council of American and Islamic Relations had been speaking on behalf of the family, but on Saturday said they had no comment.

Any bets on how soon he is back ‘home’ with Dad and wicked (as described by relatives) step-mom?

Of course the sensible and humane thing to do is to send him back to Africa to join his real Mom.