No one wants the Rohingya Muslims either, why is that?

In our previous post this morning we learned that no Muslim countries want to take in their fellow Syrian Muslim Palestinians and the same applies to the Rohingya of Burma and Bangladesh.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, we see the Washington Post on Friday published a lengthy AP sob story on the poor and downtrodden Rohingya people with this large photo centered above the fold on the print edition.

Rohingya mother (“too poor to afford food”) with malnourished 2-month-old featured on the front page of the Washington Post. Photo: Andre Malerba/Getty


I can here the shrieking from critics as I ask this question:  So why is this obviously well-equipped and not underfed mother not breast-feeding her 2-month-old child?

If there is some other medical problem with this child then tell us!  Or, is the purpose of the photo to say that Buddhists starve Muslim children?

The article goes on to tell readers how bad the Buddhists in Burma treat the Rohingya with Buddhist mobs burning villages and killing Rohingya with abandon.  I have been following the news from both sides of this controversy for nearly seven years and frankly it is difficult to tell who started the conflict, but I put my money on Rohingya Muslim agitation for creating most of the problems.

However, of course, the Buddhists get the blame from the Islamic agitators at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation who wanted to open an office in Burma (aka Myanmar).  The Buddhist monks may be the smartest and bravest people in the world to stand up to the politically-correct media, the OIC,  and the humanitarian industrial complex demanding that they turn over part of their country to Muslims.

Read the whole WaPo story if you feel like it.  Then read this story from last month (that I didn’t get to previously) about Rohingya waiting in Indonesia for third country resettlement that never comes.

Indonesia and Malaysia don’t want them!

Two of the stars of this story at IRIN News (Rohingya refugees in Indonesia await resettlement that never comes)  tried to break into Australia, their boat broke down and now they are in “detention” in Indonesia (a Muslim country!).   So why don’t well-off Muslim countries take in their co-religionists?

Rohingya couple in “detention” in Indonesia. Looks like they are safe and comfortable to me!

We even had a report in 2012 that Saudi Arabia did not want Rohingya in the kingdom!

Rohingya to America?

The drumbeat to bring Rohingya Muslims to America has been pretty quiet recently (I expect there is lobbying behind the scenes though!).  Last year we heard the US Conference of Catholic Bishops testify to the State Department that it was time to bring in more Rohingya.

There are Rohingya mixed in with the Christian Burmese we have been resettling for most of the last decade.  One Burmese Muslim refugee of note was Esar Met who was found guilty of raping and brutally murdering a little Christian girl in Salt Lake City earlier this year.

Stories, like the one-sided Washington Post/AP report, are published in an effort to put pressure on the Burmese government and to ultimately soften you up to the idea of “welcoming” Rohingya to your neighborhoods.  It is pure propaganda.

For new readers:  We have an entire category on the Rohingya issue with 173 previous posts.  Someone should write a book because it’s a great example of how the Open borders Left with its “humanitarian” cover and the Islamists have manipulated the news.  One day Americans will be scratching their heads and wondering where did all these Rohingya Muslims come from?  (Just as they are doing now with the burgeoning Somali population in certain US cities.)


Muslim countries don’t want Syrian Palestinians

If Israel says it doesn’t want to welcome any more Palestinians, the world is outraged, but here we learn that Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey don’t want them either!   Why is it that these Muslim countries don’t like their fellow Muslims?

My message to Chris Gunness of the special UN agency JUST FOR PALESTINIANS—take them in yourself!  Gunness: Israel bad!

From Naharnet News:

Lebanon has placed prohibitive restrictions on the entry of Palestinians fleeing Syria, making it almost impossible for them to take refuge in the small Mediterranean country.

New measures mean Palestinians fleeing Syria will not be given visas at the border, while those who are already in the country will not have their visas renewed.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page Thursday, Interior Minister Nuhad al-Mashnouq said no visas will be issued at the main Masnaa border crossing.

Palestinians living in Syria who wish to enter Lebanon must first request a visa at the Lebanese embassy in Damascus. The request will be processed by the Lebanese General Security agency.


Human rights activists say Palestinians in Syria, who once numbered 500,000, have been targeted by both sides in the conflict, making them one of the country’s most vulnerable groups.


Turkey and Jordan, which also host large numbers of refugees from Syria, have barred entry to Palestinians.

The U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees (UNRWA) said Thursday that, “since 9 am no Palestine refugees from Syria have been allowed to cross into Lebanon”.

Agency spokesman Chris Gunness appealed to Lebanese authorities not to block those in need of sanctuary.

I’ll never forget, and never stop reminding readers, that in 2009 the UN High Commissioner for Refugees credited Islam and Shariah law for the historical admonition to welcome the stranger.