Australia/Cambodia ‘refugee’ deal still in the works

A heated debate continues over the Australian government’s offer of funding to Cambodia if that country agrees to take some of Australia’s ‘refugee’ overflow.

The Abbott government came into office promising to reduce the illegal migration to Australia and they are working tirelessly to follow up on the pledge.

And, frankly, moves like this one—sending asylum seekers to Cambodia—will surely have a chilling affect on those human traffickers and would-be migrants to not try to get to Australia in the future.

Australian migration minister, Scott Morrison, even had the audacity to suggest that “refugees” are not necessarily entitled to the right to a first world country to escape persecution.  If safety is what they say they want, why not Cambodia?

From ABC News:

The Cambodian government is in the final stages of considering a refugee resettlement agreement with Australia and wants to sign a memorandum of understanding as soon as possible.


“So far the working group already finished [its] studying on the draft proposed by Australia and I think that maybe soon, maybe a few days, maybe next week … we’ll send our counter-proposal to the Australian side.”

The human rights industrial complex is understandably having a cow over this plan and also blasted Cambodia for returning Muslim Uighurs to China.   So I assume this would also mean that Cambodia wouldn’t want to take too many Muslim potential jihadists from Australia either.

Do these do-gooders really believe that Cambodia could stand up to China which surely must have demanded the Uigur’s return.

Cambodia is a signatory to the refugee convention but in 2009 it forcibly deported 20 ethnic Uighur back to China.

However, Mr Borith said any refugees resettled under a deal struck between Cambodia and Australia would be safe.

“Different story, different from the refugees that we have discussed with our Australian friends to … settle here,” he said.

“The Uighur come here illegally. Far away from China to Cambodia, how many thousand miles is Cambodia?

“They come here illegally. We can say that they [are] all illegal immigrants. That is different from the refugees that we discussed today with Australia.

We will be watching this story because honestly a get-tough strategy is the only thing that could possibly deter the invasion of western countries (do you hear that Europe!  America!).

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Prediction: By 2050 expect 1 billion climate refugees roaming the world

So says Smithsonian magazine.

Climate refugees coming to a town near you? I love this illustration! It comes from Diplo (


Just when you thought the hysteria had cooled, here we go again!

From Watts up with that?:

Back in 2009, it was 200 million climate refugees according to this article in the NYT:

There could be 200 million of these climate refugees by 2050, according to a new policy paper by the International Organization for Migration, depending on the degree of climate disturbances.

Now the claim is up to 5 times that by 2050 in the space of five years, at this rate of increase, the entire world population will be ‘climate refugees’ by 2050.

The above is ‘Watts up’s’ lead-in to the Smithsonian article.

The International Organization for Migration is another US State Department contractor which presently plays a large role in getting refugees prepped to come to the US.

We have a whole category on ‘climate refugees’ here.

State Department importing poverty; Minnesota numbers tell the story

Not too many words are necessary, the numbers say it all!

When Congress first debated the bill that became the Refugee Act of 1980 (Senators Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden were key sponsors), the debate centered around the admonition that we should not be importing MORE poverty to America.  Doesn’t take a genius to know that we are, but here is a handy graph of poverty rates among the foreign-born for Minnesota.

Be sure to note that 12% of all Minnesotans are below the poverty line.

So much for the idea being peddled everywhere that immigrants bring economic boom times where ever they go!  More like Cloward and Piven.

Highest poverty rates for MN immigrants: 2 in 3 Somali, 1 in 3 Hmong, 1 in 3 Mexican

By the way, we don’t bring refugees from China, India or Korea (some asylees but not direct resettlement).