This week’s episode of Somali Stowaway Soap Opera; teen returns to Cali…

….but not to his parents’ home.

Yahya Abdi (15) wanted to get to Africa

For readers who may have been in Outer Mongolia over the last couple of weeks, go here for background on the Somali teen who survived a flight to Hawaii in the wheel well of a passenger jet.

No mention of whether he will be charged with any crime while exposing a major hole in airport security.  Imagine! while you are taking off your shoes and being patted down before boarding a plane, a Muslim kid is climbing into a wheel well out on the tarmac!

From (Hat tip:  ‘pungentpeppers’):


The teen stowaway who survived a trip to Hawaii returned to California Saturday, but it was unclear where he was taken.

The 15-year-old may not immediately return to his Santa Clara home.

The San Jose Mercury News reported the teen was in the custody of Santa Clara County’s Department of Family and Children’s Services.


The boy’s father reportedly flew to Hawaii earlier in the week in an attempt to bring his son home, but was denied any contact with him.

Relatives declined to comment about the situation at the family’s Santa Clara home. The ordeal has exposed how the Somali born teen had a hard time adjusting to life in America.

Still scratching our heads about why CAIR got involved in the first place!

The Council of American and Islamic Relations had been speaking on behalf of the family, but on Saturday said they had no comment.

Any bets on how soon he is back ‘home’ with Dad and wicked (as described by relatives) step-mom?

Of course the sensible and humane thing to do is to send him back to Africa to join his real Mom.

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