If Obama (with his pen) transforms illegal aliens from Central America into “refugees” will he be changing the law (again) without Congress?

Sure sounds like it thanks to this very detailed and heavily footnoted report from a conservative think tank—National Center for Public Policy Research—released yesterday.

¬†Possible Obama Scheme to Designate Huge Numbers of Latin American Illegal Immigrants as “Refugees” Would Violate Limits on Refugees Set by Obama Himself

Such a Strategy to Circumvent Congress Would Violate Refugee Procedures Set by U.S. Law and Harm Immigration Chances of Desperate Refugee Applicants from Other Continents

Washington, D.C. – President Obama reportedly is considering designating Latin American illegal aliens as “refugees” from gangs and drug lords to justify an executive action blocking them from deportation and providing them with a means of seeking American citizenship.

This scheme, if imposed, would seriously disrupt carefully-crafted rules and limits for accepting refugees into the United States and put refugee candidates from other parts of the world, such as Africa, at a severe disadvantage. [LOL! Maybe that is not a bad thing when it comes to Somalis!—ed]

Such a scheme would violate a limit on refugees set by Obama himself. It also would upend highly specialized conditions and procedures related to the acceptance of refugees set by U.S. law.

By the way, this reference to a “limit” refers to the Presidential Determination sent to Congress at the beginning of each fiscal year in which the Administration sets ceilings for which refugees we will be taking.¬† Look for the new one (for FY2015) any time in the next few weeks.

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