Going away….

We will be missing a lot of news over the next couple of days just at a time when the refugee resettlement issue is heating up.

I’m going here and won’t have the time to post, but will be working to continue to spread the word.  Since your comments are screened, sorry it will be Sunday before I can get to them.

In the meantime, please take the time to explore Refugee Resettlement Watch.

If you are a new reader (or a regular) you might want to visit the last weekly report for instructions on how to find useful information among our over 6,000 posts.

Also, see especially the Top Posts in the right hand sidebar to learn which stories are attracting the most readers at the moment.  By many thousands, our post on Spartanburg, SC broke all records.  Thanks to all who sent it around!  Don’t miss Ten things your town needs to know!’

Be back Sunday!

P.S.  For all of you getting too many e-mails from RRW (via wordpress), you will get a little break this weekend!

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