More on the North Dakota poll: Lutheran's refugee program opposed by 57%

In my previous post I mentioned that in Fargo, ND yesterday, the major refugee resettlement contractor spoke to a gathering hosted by the Chamber of Commerce to dispel the “myths” about refugee resettlement in the US.

Gotta keep the refugees flowing into North Dakota because LSS has a fancy new building to pay for. LSS is paid by the head to resettle refugees AND they receive other federal grants for all sorts of additional “programs” for their special charges. From a recent FORM990 we learned they received over $10 million in government grants. Here is what we said in August:

After posting it, I came across this news account from Valley News Live which commissioned the poll.  And, I want to commend them for taking this initiative!

Perhaps all of you in ‘Pockets of Resistance’ should encourage a respected news outlet to commission a poll like this.

The story begins:

Refugees coming to the United States is quickly becoming a defining issue for the field of 2016 presidential hopefuls. It’s an issue too that directly affects us here in the Fargo-Moorhead area. This is a major resettlement region, and Fargo is home to the largest group of refugees in North Dakota.

This is the first in a series taking a deep dive into this issue, exploring your opinions, the impacts to our schools, our neighborhoods and our infrastructure, how your tax money is being spent and how this issue extends well beyond supporting or opposing refugee resettlement.

We, at Valley News Live, wanted to really understand your viewpoints when it came to this issue so we had a solid starting point from which to work. We commissioned a study by Mason Dixon Polling and Research out of Jacksonville, Florida, paid for it and now have those opinions.

I’m not going to snip the poll results because I want you to go visit Valley News Live yourself by clicking here.  Note that Independents made up the most number of respondents indicating very clearly that this issue is not a Republican v. Democrat issue.

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