Atlantic City: That crazy refugees-to-Revel story isn't dead yet

We told you the other day that the owner of the shuttered Atlantic City casino—the Revel—is offering it up as a home for a massive number of Syrian refugees and now the NJ Star Ledger is chiming in with an editorial supporting the idea.

Glenn Straub
The New Jersey readers of the Star Ledger sure don’t like developer Glenn Straub, the owner of the bankrupt Revel. Photo here:

This really isn’t worth writing about except for one thing.  I spent a few minutes reading the comments and am always surprised to see how vehemently Americans are opposing the resettlement of more refugees, especially those from Syria right now.  And, for the most part the commenters (141 at this time) have some understanding of the impact the program will have on their communities.  Almost all oppose the idea.
So read the editorial, here.  And, then below are a couple of comments that jumped out at me, and I didn’t even read them all!  Go visit yourself, to see which ones strike your fancy:

646 11 hours ago
Can you imagine what impact that would have on AC’s infrastructure? More people in schools, more police services, more social welfare programs. Section 8 would probably pay for most of the tenants. That in itself could bankrupt AC.

whatevernj 7 hours ago
@Golden Tornado @Jimmytown Trash is the least of the worries. German villages along the border are being destroyed with refugees stealing food, walking into private residences, and non-stop harassment of any female over the age of 10. No thank you.

RFC123 15 hours ago
Before setting refugees up in an Atlantic City hotel, how about getting more of the rich Persian Gulf countries (you know, the ones in the region around Syria) to take some of these refugees in? Specifically, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain. These countries have accepted ZERO Syrian refugees

greg102 16 hours ago
“This is not a question of practicality or physical space, but a question of our will as Americans to help a people who are in dire need.”–Congressman Bill Pascrell Jr. (D-NJ)

Accepting and housing unvetted Syrians at the Revel is NOT good for America and NOT good for Atlantic city. We should not be manipulated into taking large numbers of potentially violent and assimilation-resistant refugees with a totally alien culture into our country. It is not in our national interest –but Predident Obama has historically done little that’s in our national interest as far as I can tell. One last question for the SLEB/ Pascrell cartel: why are we hearing nothing about the Christians –true refugees that are being slaughtered in Syria –that are barred from entry into the U.S.?

Stop feeding the r-selected 17 hours ago
To quote myself from below…

THis idea has nothing to do with altruism. As you’ve noticed there are plenty of ways altruism can be used to benefit our own citizens.

Nope, this is all about importing foreigners. Have to think about and ask “why would they want to import foreigners?”

Is there something about the current US racial and cultural mix they don’t like and want to change?

If their words and deeds are any indication, the answer is a resounding YES. Your kids are in for a rough future.

Stop feeding the r-selected 18 hours ago
Just what AC needs: more unproductive poverty to further drain the welfare system, while those in favor of imposing the burden sit in their gated communities and send their kids to safe non vibrant schools.

LOL!  I especially like that last bit about “non vibrant schools.”  Apparently ‘Stop feeding the r-selected’ has read a bunch of the Left/No Borders propaganda about how immigrants and refugees make communities more VIBRANT.   Huh? Who says?

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