International Rescue Committee expanding, Richmond added to sites in Virginia

IRC logo
Warning! If you go to the IRC’s webpage you will notice that you are being followed henceforth with a ‘cookie’ with this logo and a plea for money.

This is just a quick mention, way too much happening today!
We have been telling you about how the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program is rapidly expanding to new sites—Rutland, VT, Missoula, MT, Reno, NV, Ithaca, NY and so on. ┬áThese new offices are to accommodate the ever-expanding program because Obama has said we will take 85,000 refugees this year, by September 30th and 100,000 in FY2017.
Here the IRC toots its horn about its new office in Richmond, Virginia.

If you are a new reader, you probably don’t know that the IRC is being investigated for fraud in Turkey where it works to ‘help’ Syrian refugees.

If you have never seen the list of resettlement sites in the US, click here to learn if your city is on the list. The newest ones are not listed yet.
You will see that there are already a couple of contractors working in Richmond, why do they need more?
It is not too late to weigh in and send (polite and professional) testimony to the US State Department today, here.

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