Speaker Paul Ryan complicit in Syrian migrant surge to America

Maybe my choice of the word “complicit” is being too easy on him!

Obama and Ryan 2
Pals! And, what was that beard all about?

Writer George Rasley at Conservative HQ puts the blame on Ryan for not halting the program in that now infamous Omnibus funding bill late last year when he had the chance.  Rasley also explains in ‘Paul Ryan’s Hijra‘ that Ryan knew all along what he was doing to make it look like the Republican House was on our side when he knew full well, the Senate would do the job for him!
Nice to see the word “Hijra” getting more attention these days.
Be sure to see Richard Falknor, here at Blue Ridge Forum admonishing national security leaders, but really every one of us, to learn the ten words (first published at Gates of Vienna) that many in our woefully uneducated national security apparatus don’t even know! Go there and see if you know all ten! (Hijra is third on the list)
Back to Ryan’s Hijra where Rasley reports on the revelation yesterday (headlined at Drudge) that the Syrian refugee surge is now full steam ahead (hat tip: Cathy):

…on Monday the State Department admitted 225 Syrian Muslim “refugees”, setting a single-day record, and on Tuesday a further 80 were admitted.  [This is why you are seeing so much activity by the feds/contractors trying to find new resettlement sites—ed]

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My little book of last year with one of the ten words you need to know in the title! Hijra!

As our friend Stephen Dinan of The Washington Times put it, “the spike is stunning, with more people accepted Monday alone than in the entire months of January or February.”

As Dinen noted, Obama has promised to accept 10,000 refugees from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30. As of Tuesday evening, the administration had approved 2,540 — an average of about 10 applications a day.

Less than 1 percent of these “refugees” are Christians, whose oppression is well documented, according to Dinen 97 percent are Sunni Muslims, the same Sunni Muslim who form the Taliban, al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

But, it isn’t just Obama we should blame!

In a rational world this dangerous piece of Obama’s plan to fundamentally transform America by importing jihad into our country would be stopped cold by a Republican majority in Congress.

But this is not a rational world, this is a world run by the personal whim of arrogant Washington insiders, chief among them being Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Ryan has made increasing Muslim immigration to America his special project and has steadfastly fought any attempts by conservatives to slow or stop what a large majority of American believe is an existential threat to constitutional liberty.

Ryan, as many conservatives demanded, could have included a defund in the must-pass Omnibus that would have effectively ended or temporarily halted the program.

You need to go to Conservative HQ and see how Ryan manipulated the vote to make it look like the Republican House cared about you and your security.
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And, finally for new readers, check out my book of last year ‘Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America.‘  I hadn’t been to Amazon for months and was surprised to see that there are 94 customer reviews.  Some day I’ll pull out some of the meanest comments (I bet they never even read the book!).

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