Some in Germany worried about large number of conversions from Islam to Christianity

Most worried are the Muslim political activists!

Invasion of Europe news….
As Europe and particularly Germany continues to take in tens of thousands of migrants from the Middle East and Africa an interesting phenomenon has been reported recently.
[By the way, US resettlement contractors like Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services and so forth are strictly forbidden to proselytize when they sign their government contracts to place refugees in your town (which must make CAIR very happy).]

Aiman Mazyek (second from right) at rally for Muslims in Berlin with Mama Merkel. No missionary work by churches! Photo:

From Daily Sabah:

An influential Muslim organization in Germany has raised concern regarding an alleged growing number of conversions to Christianity among refugees who hope to receive asylum status.

The growing number of conversions among refugees made headlines in German media earlier this month, when nearly 80 Muslim refugees from Iran and Afghanistan converted to Christianity, in a baptism ceremony held by a protestant church in Hamburg.

Aiman Mazyek, who chairs the Central Council of Muslims in Germany (ZMD), said decisions on asylum status should not be influenced by the ethnic or religious identity of refugees.

“Freedom to choose a religion is the basics. But churches should refrain from directing refugees through influence. […] We expect from churches that they refrain from aggressive missionary work, as we expect Muslims to do the same,” he told Anadolu Agency.

However, before we get too excited, it is possibly that the conversions are only to save themselves from being deported back to their shariah-adherent countries.  (See yesterday about why you need to all learn more about Islam).

Conversions to Christianity have mainly concerned Iranian, Afghan or Pakistani refugees, who appear to have a lesser chance to receive asylum status in Germany than Syrians for instance, according to media reports.

Arguing that they face death penalty in their home country due to their conversion to Christianity, they attempt trying to increase their chance for a positive response from the authorities, for their asylum request.

Let’s hope the conversions are for real.
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