Refugee contractor Church World Service could not exist without your tax dollars

Many of you may know Church World Service as the ‘church’ charity that does the annual ‘Crop Walk’ where they raise funds in your towns for their migration activities among other things.  A list of affiliated churches is below.

CWS income from July 1,2014 to June 30,2015.

They are also a part of the ‘religious left’ as a member of the National Council of Churches.
My figures, based on their most recent Form 990, indicate that they are 67% funded by taxpayer dollars.  A pie chart on their website puts it at 64%.
This is the latest in my updates on how much each of the nine federal resettlement contractors receive from you:

USCRI is here (97% funded by taxpayers).

LIRS here (95% funded by taxpayers).

World Relief here (73% funded by taxpayers).

Church World Service is attempting to get an office up and running in Poughkeepsie, NY so that news reminded me to check into their finances. If these contractors were true non-profit groups raising private money for private charity their finances would not be of interest to me, but as a quasi-government agency largely funded with our tax dollars, their financial position (salaries etc) is our business.
Here is a list of all the refugee resettlement offices they have in the US already (they are adding Poughkeepsie to the list).

This is what I learned from their most recent Form 990, here, on page 9:

CWS CEO Rev. John McCullough being arrested in Washington, DC protesting in support of Obama’s executive amnesty. Photo and story here:        McCullough pulls down an annual salary of over $300,000 a year from his CWS work and from “related organizations.” Page 13- 14

They had a total income of $77,756,307.
$50,116,190 comes from federal grants (that is you)
$1,730,678 is from Refugee Services Program and likely includes the airfare loan money they pocketed (your money).
And, they have an additional income of $623,006 from something called ‘Development, Emergency, Refugee’ (assuming this is coming from taxpayers too!).
The total income from taxpayers is then $52,469,874.  The Crop Walk accounts for about half of the legitimate charitable income in their budget.
Not as bad as the three contractors we’ve already reported on above, but CWS has that Crop Walk to fall back on for extra bucks.
I’m calculating this as 67% (they say 64%) of their budget which means that either way they would die if you weren’t ‘contributing’ your tax dollars to their coffers.
Go here for our complete archive on Church World Service.
Is your church affiliated with Church World Service?

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