CAIR Crows: Muslims are Winning Big in Local Elections

Yes, and they will win even more as their population grows largely through legal immigration.

One might wonder, as I did here in 2007 why if refugees and Muslim migrants of all stripes were eager to assimilate did they need to place their people (representing their religion) into local, state and federal government?

Imam Hendi with Obama. See my 2007 post about Hendi’s visit to Saudi Arabia.

And, just imagine, I asked then, if we would blatantly say—we want Catholics, Jews, other Christians as our leaders—wouldn’t all hell break loose in the media?

Yet, no one seems to care if CAIR says we are electing our people, Muslims, everywhere we can!

I’m referring to a post I wrote in the summer of 2007 where a US Imam, Yahya Hendi, went to Saudi Arabia to brag about how they planned to elect Muslims to political office throughout America.  It is worth a read now.

ISIS might be taking the fire jihad route, but their co-religionists at CAIR etc. are changing America by changing the people.

Here is the election news that has CAIR celebrating (hat tip: Cathy):

CAIR, Jetpac, MPower Change: 26 American Muslim Candidates Win in Nov. 5 Elections for Total of 34 Muslims Elected in 2019

WASHINGTON, Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, and Jetpac, a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing American Muslim representation in politics and the media, and MPower Change, one of the largest Muslim-led social and racial justice organizations in the United States, today reported 26 American Muslim electoral victories nationwide in yesterday’s off-year election.

[NOTE: These results are preliminary and subject to change.]

In Lewiston, Maine Somali Safiya Khalid   was elected to city council. Lewiston is a classic study on how enclaves of refugees can change American towns. Someone should write a book about the city’s transformation in only a couple of decades.

Throughout 2019, CAIR, Jetpac and MPower Change have identified at least 34 Muslim candidates who won elections in local and statewide races across the country. More than 80 Muslims ran for office this year at the local and state level.

“These electoral victories clearly indicate that American Muslims are stepping up and showing their commitment to public service,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad ***.

“We congratulate these Muslim trailblazers who are creating a more inclusive democracy for everyone.”

“American Muslims are running for office in large numbers because more of us are realizing that we have a unique perspective that will help fix massive inequities in healthcare, education, and the criminal legal system,” said Jetpac Executive Director Mohammed Missouri.

“We’re also aware that staying on the sidelines while anti-Muslim bigotry runs rampant will increase the threat to our community. A truly representative Democracy will help us get out of this dark era as a stronger society.”

“What do Muslim Americans do during a time of heightened Islamophobia under a xenophobic administration? We run for office and win,” said MPower Change’s Executive Director Linda Sarsour .

“Muslim Americans are engaging in the democratic process in unprecedented ways and we can’t wait to continue this wave in 2020 to save our democracy.”

Looks like Virginia is the big winner….


  • Pious Ali – Portland City Council (reelection)
  • Safiya Khalid  – Lewiston City Council


  • Fazlul Kabir – College Park City Council (reelection)


  • Mehreen Butt – Wakefield Town Council (reelection)
  • Afroz Khan – Newburyport City Council (reelection)
  • Sumbul Siddiqui – Cambridge City Council (reelection)


  • Nadia Mohamed  – St. Louis Park City Council
  • Abdisalam Adam – Fridley School Board (appointed in 2018 to fill a vacant seat but elected by the public for the first time yesterday)

New Jersey

  • Jamillah Beasley – Irvington Municipal Council (reelection)
  • Mustafa Al-Mutazzim Brent – East Orange City Council (reelection)
  • Denise Sanders – Teaneck Board of Education (reelection)
  • Raghib Muhammad – Montgomery Township Board of Education
  • Adnan Zakaria – Prospect Park City Council (reelection)
  • Esllam Zakaria – Prospect Park Board of Education (reelection)


  • Omar Tarazi – Hilliard City Council


  • Omar Sabir – Philadelphia City Commission


  • Buta Biberaj  – Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney
  • Ghazala Hashmi  – Senate District 10
  • Babur Lateef – Prince William County School Board (reelection)
  • Harris Mahedavi – Loudon County School Board
  • Abrar Omeish  – Fairfax County School Board
  • Sam Rasoul – House of Delegates District 11 (reelection)
  • Ibraheem Samirah – House of Delegates District 86 (reelection)
  • Lisa Zargarpur – Prince William County School Board


  • Turan Kayaoglu – Puyallup School Board
  • Zahra Roach – Pasco City Council

Continue reading here.

***Nihad Awad joined forces with refugee contractor Church World Service on the steps of the US Capitol here recently where they demanded more refugee resettlement to Anytown, USA because what do they need the most to change America—more of their people!

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11 thoughts on “CAIR Crows: Muslims are Winning Big in Local Elections

  1. They run for school boards to poison the minds of our children with Islam. Hitler poisoned children’s minds via schools as well.
    We must demand The true history of Islam is taught, not the benign b.s. They are teaching our kids.

    1. I think the only way in the foreseeable future for kids to learn about the true history of Islam is from parents homeschooling their kids! Public schools will never do it!

  2. Yet if you even DARE mention – even HINT – that this could be a deliberate attempt at civilizational war-by-demographics, you’re labeled a conspiracy nut.

    Time to get the foil from the drawer.

    I was astonished to learn that my local state rep is a Muslim. How the F did that happen? But then, I see – in a completely unscientific survey – more and more women around in hijabs and more.

  3. This comment is not EXACTLY a propos for this particular post, but it’s pretty relevant, and I HAD to post it somewhere, the news is so outrageous….

    Can you believe it? Here’s the article that spells out just how apparently clueless and usefully idiotic the Trump administration is, inviting the most anti-American cadre of Islamists in the country to TRAIN our own Border Patrols!! …while their Islamist brothers among the massive legions of immigrant invaders pour over the border to transform our nation and its values forever! DUHHH!

    And here’s the message about it I left on the White House website about it:

    Mr. President, how could you? According to the below news article, you are allowing an Islamic terror group, Hamas, in the form of its spin-off, CAIR, to actually TRAIN our Customs and Border Patrol Officers!!! This is an organization, funded and founded by a terror group, Hamas, that is deeply involved perpetrating its so-called “Stealth Jihad”, dedicated to quietly undermining and subverting America’s most cherished traditions and values: freedom of speech, intellectual liberty, Christianity, women’s rights, Gay rights, and is stifling any and all criticism of Islam by suing, harassing, de-platforming and denouncing anyone who dares criticize Islam and Islamism. And they are systematically and massively producing Muslim candidates for all American political offices, at every level, which invariably support radical Leftist, Socialist and anti-Christian values and politics, and run as Democrats, to destroy everything you’ve worked for and stand for!!! And you’re having them TRAIN, and PROPAGANDIZE our border patrol personnel?? How DARE you!! Are you crazy??? CAIR is a sworn and dedicated enemy of everything we call American: freedom, Democracy, Capitalism, JudeoChristian values, the Constitution—everything!—and they go hand-in-hand with the Globalist extreme Left in transforming our nation to fit their hostile agenda. They CANNOT be allowed into the US government!!

  4. Dear Ann,
    I am glad to know that there are some rare and courageous people like you who are informing very stupid and ignorant folks in the non-Muslim world who are still ignoring the real threat posed by this extreme ideology called Islam. International Muslim community is trying hard day and night by using all methods to infiltrate into non-Islamic societies. When they are minority, they may keep low, but when they are majority, they slowly and forcibly impose their Islamic ways. If we don’t wake up early and heed this danger, our freedom and way of life will be gone soon.

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