Facing up to the Revolution….

From the man who coined the phrase the “ruling class” to describe those on the Left and some swamp-dwelling so-called ‘conservatives’ on the Right who believe they are more entitled than the rest of us, comes another important message.

Facing Up To the Revolution

by Angelo Codevilla yesterday at American Greatness.

Remember her smug face and get to work!

Save this, revisit it, and remember this as we move past the impeachment scam and last night’s shameful behavior by Nancy Pelosi and her ilk.

More importantly know that not only are you permitted, but are required to “do unto them more and before they do unto us” again.

This is no time to be squeamish.

…our ultimate objective is, as Lincoln said, “peace among ourselves and with all nations.” But what kind of peace we may get depends on the extent to which we may compel our enemies to leave us in peace. And for that, we must do unto them more and before they do unto us.

Read it all.

4 thoughts on “Facing up to the Revolution….

    1. Thank you. I posted this because I hope Codevilla inspires my readers to get down to the dirty business of fighting back, really fighting back in every community that the Dems have taken over.

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