Brigitte Gabriel and radical Islam

Brigitte Gabriel spoke with Jamie Glazov in an interview on FrontPage Magazine yesterday. She is an expert on Islamic terrorism, the founder of ACT! for America and the author of Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America, a riveting book about her life as a Christian in Lebanon who had to live in a bomb shelter with her parents for seven years. It’s riveting. Now she has a new book out, They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It.

Ann has written about the Muslim Brotherhood and their long-term project to infiltrate and dominate the west. Gabriel goes into it in the book, and in the interview:

The Muslim Brotherhood project for North America is a detailed document found in Switzerland in 2001. It details a 100 year plan for radical Islam to infiltrate and dominate the West. This document became known in the Intelligence circles as “The Project”. The plan was conceived and written by the Muslim Brotherhood which is the world’s oldest and most sophisticated Islamic terrorist group created in Egypt in 1928. The Muslim Brotherhood boasts seventy off shoot terrorist organizations operating throughout the world. 

The project was dated 1982 and it details strategies and tactics by which Islamists can gradually infiltrate nations and ultimately dominate the world with Islamic political and religious ideology. Some of the most alarming ideas outlined are: incitement to hate and commit violent acts against Jewish, Christian and other non-Muslim entities; using methods other than violence to implement cultural Jihad, and establishing a rapport with western communities until trust is won and Islam is established. The project’s intentions have been implemented throughout the world since its creation.

Keep this in mind when you read some of the things Ann has been posting about Somalis and other Muslims.

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