British Tories reject sharia courts

Hurray for the Conservative Party of Britain — the Tories.  The Telegraph (UK) reports:

A Conservative government would ban sharia courts and impose a tough crackdown on Islamic extremism, the shadow security minister has said.  [A shadow minister is the person in the party out of power who will take that position if the party gains power.] Pauline Neville-Jones, a former head of the Joint Intelligence Committee, said: “We are not going to have any status for sharia courts. Absolutely not.”  

Earlier this month it emerged that the Government had quietly allowed rulings of five sharia courts across Britain to be enforceable through the county courts or High Court.

We reported on September 15 that the  Labour government is now allowing Muslims their own courts that use sharia law for civil cases. The Conservative Party is out of power, so its policies have no official standing. They’re already way up in the polls; I’ll bet this will put them farther ahead.  The article continues:

Speaking the day after Dominic Grieve, the shadow home secretary, said Britain had “done something terrible to ourselves” by encouraging multiculturalism, Lady Neville-Jones said that the Conservatives would make the case for more “integration” among all British people, whatever their backgrounds.

She said: “We want unity and opportunity, despite difference, through integration.”

She accused the Government of leading the country down the “blind alley of multiculturalism, which has deliberately gone down the road of separation for its own sake.”

Lady Neville-Jones said there was also a clear divide between the Tories and Labour on the question of how to deal with the spread of extremism among some young Muslims.

There sure is. The Tories would extend the list of banned extremist groups and try to reform the European Convention on Human Rights so they could deport preachers who incite violence against Britain. (Love those tolerant Europeans — of course it’s a human right to incite violence.) Labour would keep going down the road to dhimmitude.

This is a terrific development. Britain’s multiculturalism is far more stifling than ours, and ours is bad enough. There are many more Muslims and they are more militant, and the insane version of multiculturalism has been festering for a longer time there. I remember three decades ago a news story that a borough of London had banned black garbage bags because that would offend black people by implying they were like garbage. If the Tories can mobilize the sensible portion of the British people, who I understand still exist, especially in the north, this will be an important blow for western civilization.

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