Speaking of Somalis who need to go into the night (and out of the country)!

Part I

While I was away at immigration meetings this weekend, Blulitespecial did a little scouting around the internet for us and came up with a three part series about Somali violence in Minneapolis.  It’s a head-scratching exercise in which good Somalis are trying to figure out how other Somalis have gone bad.

To avoid writing another opus, I’ll bring it to you in pieces.   Read Part I here.

Notice we have Omar (Jesse Jackson) Jamal with his nose in the issue.   See this post about how Jamal is involved in things beyond Minneapolis and interjected himself into the Somali Cyanide case in Denver recently.

Here he is weighing in on the Somali murders in Minneapolis:

Omar Jamal, director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center, which provides legal assistance to the community and deals with law enforcement, said surrounding communities should care.

“If the students at the West Bank of the U of M act as if this is business as usual, then they’re not paying enough attention,” Jamal said. “These people are going through hell.”

Hell of their own making!   And, it’s all about the “pain.”

Community members will merely continue to live through the problems, Jamal said, though many will slowly disappear back to Somalia or simply away from Cedar-Riverside.

Wherever they go, he said, they’ll take their pain with them.

“There’s nothing much the community can do,” Jamal said. “They can just go gently into the reach of the night.”

So I wonder why ‘Jesse Jackson’ Jamal hasn’t gone back to Somalia after his conviction for Immigration fraud?

For new readers:  Start here and follow links back for posts on Somalis murdering Somalis.

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