More Christian Iraqis become refugees

Seems that the new Iraqi government is unable or unwilling to protect its religious minorities and makes me wonder what we have helped create.  More Christians run for their lives in Iraq:

BAGHDAD — Cars and trucks loaded with suitcases, mattresses and passengers cradling baskets stuffed with clothes lined up at checkpoints Monday to flee Mosul, a day after the 10th killing of an Iraqi Christian in the northern city so far this month.

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the attacks, but local leaders have blamed al-Qaida in Iraq, which maintains influence in the region despite an ongoing U.S.-Iraqi military operation launched in May.

We reported  two weeks ago that the Iraqi government had done away with quotas for minority seats in regional councils and it is believed that Christian’s demands for those quotas are behind recent violence.

Islamic extremists have frequently targeted Christians and other religious minorities since the 2003 U.S. invasion, forcing tens of thousands to flee Iraq — although attacks slowed with a nationwide decline in violence.

The reason for the latest surge in attacks was unclear. But it coincides with strong lobbying by Christian leaders for parliament to restore a quota system to give religious minorities seats on provincial councils that will be chosen by voters before the end of January.

CAIR screams bloody murder when there is the slightest affront to Muslim sensibilities here, but predominantly Muslim countries can kill Christians with impunity.   When are we going to wake up?

I just went to CAIR’s site to get the link.  Look at that garbage!   They are calling on the McCain and Obama campaigns to denounce Islamophobia.    Hey, CAIR, those Christians running for their lives in Iraq, would you say they have Islamophobia?

Thanks to Blulitespecial for this story.

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