Saudi Arabia, home of the Religion of Peace, is willy-nilly executing black folks

Last week I reported that Saudi Arabia was deporting Somali migrants back to Somalia and now comes news from Amnesty International that the Saudis are busy executing loads of poor black (Muslim!) people.  Favorite methods are stoning and beheading (because Islam tells them that is the way to do it).

Executions quadrupled last year in Saudi Arabia, where the majority of those put to death were poor, foreign workers, Amnesty International said.
More than half the 1,839 people executed in Saudi Arabia in the past 23 years were foreigners from developing nations such as Somalia and Sudan, the London-based human rights group said in a report today.

Remember yesterday I told you about Italian soul-searching over the murder of an African migrant— was it a racist attack?   How come no one suggests these Arabs are motivated by racism?    Or, is it o.k. because it’s government sanctioned racism—-Sharia law?    No soul-searching in Saudi Arabia it seems.

Saudi authorities, who say the death penalty is justified under Islamic Sharia law, argue that execution is a deterrent to crime and mention the country’s low rate of reported crime. They haven’t produced statistics to support this claim, Amnesty said.

 Three cheers for Amnesty International!

By the way, much of the mosque building going on in the US is being done with Saudi money, aren’t we a tad bit worried?

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