Iraqi asylum-seekers continue to be deported from Denmark

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I’ve got a bunch of stuff to catch up on and this is one from the Copenhagen Post:

Five Iraqis refused asylum will be held in custody until they are returned to their homeland

Below is the whole short article.  I thought it was interesting to see that Iraq must decide who they are willing to take back.  I wish I knew for what reasons some would be rejected.

Five Iraqis refugees due to be deported have been taken into custody by police on the grounds that they have not complied with asylum centre requirements, reports TV2 News.

Hans Viggo Jensen, a spokesperson for the National Police, said the five will be held in custody until their return to Iraq.

According to Jensen the five are part of a group of 25 whose cases have been reviewed by the Iraqi authorities. Of those, 15 were accepted and those refugees will now be sent back to Iraq. He added the other 10 cases were given a temporary denial, meaning they have to be examined further before a final decision is made.

In all, around 250 Iraqi refugees are slated to be deported. Jensen said documentation for 100 of those has already been sent on to the Iraqi authorities.

Around 70 of the Iraqis refused asylum are being sheltered at Brorson’s Church in Copenhagen.

I guess Denmark has been a bit skittish about Iraqi refugees after discovering in 2008 that three interpreters given asylum turned out to be spies.  See Judy’s post of last year, here.

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