They are all finally catching on to Alinsky, but there is one understanding they haven’t come to, yet!

Thanks to reader Paul, I see that across the conservative spectrum the powers-that-be are catching on to the Alinsky strategy and how his strategy powered Obama’s rise to the Presidency of the United States of America.    I’m not saying I was the first to catch on, not by any stretch, others tipped me off, but we have been writing about Alinsky since last November.

It seems that next week Glenn Beck is going to do some more work exposing Alinsky and here David Horowitz says he will be doing a series on his blog about Rules for Radicals in advance of being a guest on Beck’s show.   Because Horowitz himself was a radical leftist in the 1960’s this surely isn’t the first time he has delved into the strategy.  Alinksy travelled from university to university during those turbulent times teaching community organizing  and surely Horowitz would have been aware of him, maybe even met him.

This is what Horowitz said yesterday:

Glenn Beck will be on vacation this week but when he returns on the 24th he has invited me to come to New York to talk to him on camera about Saul Alinsky, the strategy guru of the Obama era. For the Hillary-Soros generation of johnny-come-lately radicals and their ACORN footsoldiers Alinsky is their Sun-Tzu and his book Rules for Radicals is the field manual for their struggle. I thought while I’m refreshing my acquaintance with this destructive fellow and re-reading his text, I would share my thoughts with readers of NewsrealBlog serially over the next week.

For this first post (which I am also posting here), let’s just focus on the dedication of the book—to Satan.

Read on.

Andrew Breitbart has a column today on Alinsky, Bush and Obama  also. (Read Breitbart before proceeding)

Horowitz notes that he will serialize about Alinsky on his blog this week.  We did a serialization I called Alinskyism starting in early November 2008.   My model was one of the supposedly humorous calendars with Bushisms (you know quotes in which he misspoke) that one of my kids gave me just to annoy me.  Little did I know that that sort of calendar was following Alinsky’s Rule #5—destroy your enemy with ridicule.   See our whole category on Community Destabilization here.  There are 70 posts; so scroll back to November and start at the beginning as each builds on the previous one and our ability to spot Alinsky matured as we went along.

So what haven’t the conservatives figured out yet?   In order for there to be a community to organize, one needs angry poor people.   One needs “Have-nots!”  The chaos that leads to change, requires the “Have-nots” to fight the “Haves.”   The American poor I heard so much about in the 1950’s from my very Leftist father were the people living in places like Appalachia.  But, those people mostly joined the middle class, sent their kids off to the city, to the military and many off to college.  The ethnic groups Alinsky organized in Chicago also joined the middle class and became proud and patriotic Americans.  So where would the army of “have-nots” come from asked the radical left?   Obviously—immigration!  

Leaders of the Democratic Party (Senator Ted Kennedy!), some of them Alinsky radicals themselves, knew the only way to continue to march toward socialism was to import ethnically diverse, angry, demanding poor people and to keep them that way as long as possible.

I know anyone with any sense of decency would dismiss this concept as downright evil—this idea of using poor angry people as pawns and hiding what they are doing under a patina of humanitarianism.   But, don’t forget, as Horowitz tells us above, Alinsky dedicated his book to Satan.

Endnote:  Where the radicals, including Obama, have misjudged badly is with their enthusiastic encouragement of Muslim immigration and the importation of radical Islamists seeking to get their own form of control — Shariah law.   They are working side-by-side now, but in the end the Islamists will destroy the radical Leftists.  If we let it get that far!

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