Somali smuggler appeals his probation

The guy who admits to helping 270 illegal Somali aliens get into the US and was released from jail with time served, now wants his 3 year probation thrown out as well.

From the Washington Examiner:

The Virginia man who told authorities he helped smuggle 270 Somalis into the United States from Kenya has appealed his three-year probation sentence, court records show.

On June 4, Anthony Joseph was sentenced to four months of time he had already spent behind bars and three years probation — then was released. Now, he wants an appeals court to throw out the probation sentence. Tracy’s guilty plea is sealed so there is no way to know what laws the government informant admitted to breaking.

Federal immigration investigators have been unable to locate any of the Somalis Tracy claimed to have smuggled.

This whole cased turned very fishy when we learned that Tracy was also an ICE informant.  See the original story and updates, here.

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