Shocking graphic shows US population rise from immigration

Check out this website ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reduction’ to see how rapidly US population is increasing from all of our LEGAL and illegal immigration sources.     Hat tip:  Paul.

My only complaint is that the refugee number is too low.  It is not 35,000 but in recent years has been in the 75,000 range.  Obama this year asked for 80,000.

Makes you kind of wonder where the Lefty environmentalists are on the immigration issue. Shouldn’t they be concerned about all the houses, cars, schools that will destroy the environment and open space as the population booms? (Oh, that’s right, the environmental leaders like Carl Pope of the Sierra Club are Marxists and working with Van Jones to bring on the Revolution.)

That reminds me, wouldn’t someone please undertake to write some blogs on these other immigration programs—the diversity visa needs attention every day, as does the treaty investor program (food stamp fraud!), and how about someone please follow the student visa scam!

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