Europe: Muslims want special taxpayer-funded cemeteries

And, you think Shariah isn’t creeping into Europe?

Before you read this story about special cemeteries in Europe for Muslims who cannot be buried with infidels, note that this demand for taxpayer-funded cemeteries for Muslims is also happening in the US.   We had a story in 2010 from Garden City, KS*, here, about such a request.  I don’t know if they got what they wanted in this Kansas city—the refugee resettlement hub in the heartland.  But, here is an idea!  Maybe Tyson Foods that was responsible for attracting the Muslim immigrants to the city might pay for their cemetery!

From The National:

BERLIN // In a sombre sign that Muslims are becoming more integrated in German society, the 300,000-strong Islamic community in Berlin has complained that it is running out of graveyard space, and is urging authorities to help solve the problem.

The shortage of sites reflects a desire by increasing numbers of Muslims to be buried in Germany rather than be taken to their countries of origin after their death. Community leaders have stepped up their campaign this month for more burial space.


The requirements of the Quran make the search for suitable sites more difficult. All graves must be positioned with the head facing towards Mecca, and rooms must be made available to allow the ritual washing of the dead. Cremation is not permitted.

Berlin does not require the bodies be placed in caskets and permits burials of people wrapped just in cloth, in accordance with Islamic tradition. But the German practice of limiting the duration of burial sites clashes with the Muslim tradition that the dead must be allowed eternal peace. In Berlin, the leases on graves span 20 years, after which they have to be renewed. Otherwise the site is cleared for reuse.

Poor France!

Many European countries face similar pressures to find burial space for Muslim immigrants. In February, France inaugurated its first municipal Muslim cemetery in the city of Strasbourg in a move Islamic leaders described as a step towards recognising one of the country’s largest minority groups. France has western Europe’s biggest Muslim minority, estimated at between five and six million people.

Germans, so far, don’t want to pay for special privileges for those who even in death wish to stay separate.

The German capital has voted to tackle the space shortage but has so far baulked at making funding available for a new cemetery. And Muslim representatives said they cannot afford to run a cemetery based just on donations. [Let the infidels pay!—ed]

* We have many many posts on Garden City, KS, just use our search function to find them.

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