More refugees being created in Libya

Not everything happening in the Libyan hell hole we (Obama and his Vulcans) helped create is happening in Benghazi (see my post yesterday at PTPR about the theory that Ambassador Stevens was involved in gun-running to Syrian rebels).  Now comes news that Gaddafi forces are alive and well, creating more refugees and challenging the government (whatever that is!).

Where is Ms. Responsibility to Protect Samantha Power these days?  Hiding out in the White House!


Bani Walid was supposed to be safe. The last of Muammar Gaddafi’s loyalists were supposed to have been purged from this Libyan desert town, after an eight-day offensive by the army. Instead, there was mayhem here on Thursday, as it became clear the Gaddafi loyalists are far from beaten.

A mile into what has become a ghost town after weeks of fighting and siege, a checkpoint of tense young pro-government militiamen barred entry, saying fighting was continuing. The staccatto boom of an anti-aircraft gun mingled with the heavy thumps of rocket-propelled grenades from somewhere inside the town.

Told to turn back, the Guardian found the road into town jammed with cars bringing several hundred refugees back home.


“Our government says we can come home, it was on TV, and the militia says no,” said Mohammed Hamzen, wearing a long golden robe. “I am here with my children. What can I do with them?”

With thousands of angry refugees stranded on the desert highway, and pro-Gaddafi gunmen still resisting inside the town, Libya’s government has been left flat-footed by a crisis fast turning into its worst nightmare.


…. the UN secretary general, Ban Ki Moon, called for restraint ….  [LOL! I bet that has them shaking in their boots!—ed]

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