What a coincidence, top refugee resettlement states coincide with most top illegal alien states!

We reported recently that the following states are the Top Ten Refugee Resettlement States:

In 2012 Texas led the nation in the number of resettled refugees (not counting asylum seekers or those already granted asylum, and probably not the Cubans or Haitians otherwise Florida would be higher on the list); followed by California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Arizona, Washington, and North Carolina.

We also heard that the Dems have a goal of turning Texas and Arizona from Red to Blue (maybe they have their eyes on Georgia too?).

Now check out this graphic of the top ten states for illegal aliens (hat tip: Cathy) and see that there is a fairly close overlap.  Seven of ten “top states” coincide.  But then again, maybe they are just the most “welcoming” states. (Nah!)

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From Socialism is Not an Option:

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