Germany: Asylum-seeker beaten until unborn child is dead

A few minutes ago I posted a comment from tomasrose to my post on ‘unaccompanied minors.’   Tomasrose told us that a few years ago one of the ‘minors’ murdered a pregnant woman who had befriended him.    I went to search for that story and found this one from just a few days ago at Jihad Watch.

Barbarians (oops! asylum seekers) at the Brandenburg Gate in 2012 demanding to stay in Germany

Seems some of those lovely asylum-seeking Muslims murdered the unborn child as an Islamic ‘morality’ lesson.  And this is the new Germany!

Islam Versus Europe (re-posted at Jihad Watch):

“Germany: Muslims break in to home of couple and beat unborn child to death to enforce sharia,” by Nicolai Sennels for Islam Versus Europe, August 4:

Islamists from Chechnya have severely abused a couple in the central receiving point [for asylum seekers] in the Brandenburg, Germany. Their motivation: The couple, who are refugees from Caucasus, had behaved immorally.

Ten men forced their way into the couple’s bedroom. The attackers kicked the 23-year old Zulikhan in the stomach, who thus lost her unborn child. Her husband, who was seriously injured by numerous blows, was sent to the hospital for inpatient treatment.

The ‘punishment action’ for allegedly immoral behavior occurred last week, on Friday. The 38-year-old leader of the Islamists has enforced ‘traditional values​​’ of Islam on several occasions in the area, according to police interrogation records.

According to FOCUS information, the man apparently belongs to the radical separatist movement “Caucasus Emirate”. The two Boston bombers, the Tsarnaev brothers, were also part of this movement.

An investigator from the Federal Criminal Office told FOCUS: “The people come from the civil war, they’re so brutalised.”

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