Syrians now looking to escape UN refugee camps

The lawlessness is blamed for many choosing to return to Syria.  Others may be returning as child soldiers.

Zaatari boys with UN-supplied stuff. Photo: Reuters

From Reuters:

(Reuters) – Many Syrians who have escaped their country are now desperate to escape from U.N.-run refugee camps, where women are not safe and teenage boys are recruited as soldiers to fight in the conflict, according to an internal U.N. report.

The U.N. refugee agency UNHCR is trying to cope with a massive humanitarian crisis, as 1.9 million Syrians have sought refuge abroad, mainly in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and the Kurdish region of northern Iraq.

The report, an self-evaluation of UNHCR’s work in Syria entitled “From slow boil to breaking point”, admits the United Nations could have done much better and “a far more substantial and coherent strategy is needed”.

When you send money for Zaatari, it may well end up in the hands of the corrupt:

Organized crime networks are operating in the biggest refugee camp, Za’atari in Jordan, which is home to 130,000, it said. The camp is “lawless is many ways”, with resources that are “constantly stolen or vandalized”.

Preparations for a new camp needed to learn the lessons from Za’atari, including to “ensure the safety of women and girls”.

Keep saying NO! to Congress, the US State Department and your local refugee contractor when they start talking about resettling Syrians to your town or city!   Remember the Palin Doctrine—let Allah sort out the Muslim v. Muslim civil war.

Meanwhile, a weapons cache was seized a few days ago when Syrians attempted to smuggle weapons and ammo into Jordan, here.

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