Germany (and Europe) doomed to repeat history?

But, the tables are turned.  This time the invaders are not the Germanic tribes, the Vandals and Goths and others of the barbarian hordes which helped bring down the mighty Roman Empire, they are Africans and Middle Easterners, mostly Muslims (Chechens too), who have a different sort of invasion in mind.

Ole Schröder: We are such good people, we will take 100,000 invaders (oops! refugees) this year!

This is just one more ‘EU-struggling’ story in a long list of stories in recent days and weeks about the European Union being overwhelmed by ‘refugees’, member countries squabbling, and about the UN criticizing the EU for not being “welcoming” enough to the invading armies.

Germany, however, is taking offense to charges they are not generous enough and officials there report that, get this:

Germany is set to take 100,000 refugees this year!  Can anyone say death wish!

From Deutsche Welle:

 “Germany taking the lead”

Schröder (Ole Schröder, a state secretary in Germany’s Interior Ministry),said Germany’s program is pointing the way forwards for European refugee protection. “We have asked the European Commission to introduce a similar protection program. Unfortunately, the Commission hasn’t done so. But Germany is taking the lead,”said Ole Schröder.

All in all, Germany plans to take in 100,000 refugees from all across the world until the end of this year.

“We can’t take in millions of people,” Schröder said. “That would overstrain Germany’s capacities.”  [duh! 100,000 won’t overstrain Germany?–ed]

The capacities of the EU’s Mediterranean countries are already overstrained. Malta, Cyprus, Italy, Greece, as well as Hungary and Bulgaria have problems in dealing with refugees who want to enter the EU from both the Middle East and Africa, according to UNHCR. Human rights groups have repeatedly criticized the European Union for fencing itself in and disrespecting its international obligations when it comes to protecting refugees.

See our Europe category where we have posted 427 previous posts on the terrible predicament in Europe.  I know I don’t have to tell you, but I post about Canada, Europe and Australia so that readers in America know the global extent of the problem, especially from countries that are ‘ahead of us’ in taking the spear of the asylum invasion.  We aren’t far behind as this Mexico border stunt news illustrated.

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