Berlin: protesters clash over asylum-seeker residence; media spin over the top

Anyone opposing housing asylum-seekers from the Middle East in their middle-income neighborhood is a racist, neo-nazi, fascist, anti-foreigner, right-wing xenophobe according to media reports of a demonstration that got violent in Berlin last week.

I considered not even posting this story from AFP (French Press) because it’s laced with so much bias that it is almost laughable.  Are these journalists writing this, or the European Left Wing itself?    But, I decided to post it because I want you to know things are reaching such levels in Germany and to see the spin the media puts on events like this one.

The Berlin high school that has been converted to house asylum seekers who are arriving in Germany by the thousands.

From AFP:

AFP – German neo-Nazis have protested against a new political refugee centre in Berlin, seeking to stoke anti-foreigner sentiment a month before elections and sparking large counter-demonstrations.

The far-right National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) tried to drum up anti-foreigner feelings at a rally near the asylum seekers’ centre, a former school set amid drab tower blocks in the city’s east.

In angry scenes overnight, more than 500 anti-fascist protesters confronted the about 40 anti-immigration activists, who eventually left in a street tram under police protection.

Hundreds of riot police separated the groups. One officer was injured by a bottle thrown in his face. In total 25 people were arrested, one for making an illegal straight-armed Hitler salute.

I would bet a million bucks (if I had a million!) that the person arrested for the Hitler-salute was a Lefty!  But, you see how this is done, no mention of who did the offensive salute, instead readers are left to assume it’s one of those rightwingers reporters have dubbed “neo-Nazis.”  And, on what side were the 25 who were arrested—from that peace-loving Left?

Read it all.

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