Syrian crisis due to global warming, huh?

Regular readers here know that the latest trend in refugee crisis mongering involves the so-called “climate refugees.”  See our entire category on the topic here.

Never mind over a thousand years of Muslims squabbling among themselves and the rise in Islamist aggression throughout the Middle East and the world, here is an author linking the Syrian civil war to global warming and sea levels rising (in Syria?).

But, didn’t we just learn last week that in fact the polar ice caps are growing (not melting)?

Here is the convoluted article that even draws Alex Jones into the kerfuffle.

Policymic:  more conflicts, violence, rapes due to “climate change” (they had to avoid saying “global warming” when they began to realize the world wasn’t warming at the moment).

Take climate change, for example. Science Magazine published a research study in August 2013 linking increased rates of human conflict — wars, murders, rapes, and other violence — to increased global temperatures and climate instability. We have empirical evidence predicting that there will be increased numbers of people victimized by violence, particularly in the areas with the fewest resources to deal with climate change. These are some of the areas you already hear about in the news: Syria, Libya, rural India. We need to plan for these humanitarian interventions now.

The climate has been changing since the beginning of time, but to hear these people talk about it, the only solution is for Western countries to invite the world’s impoverished people to come to the West and thus drag us into poverty as well.

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