Happy New Year! Best wishes for 2014

Mid-year 2014, RRW will be 7 years old.  Time does fly!  Thanks to all of our readers new and old for continuing to visit.

We are happy to report that we surpassed our goal of 1000 subscribers/followers by today!  At this moment we are at 1007 and for a small, narrowly focused blog we think that is great.

Since our inception we have had over 1.7 million visitors and this past year those visitors came from 202 countries.

2013 was our top year so far for readers with 377,228 viewers. We are growing every year!  The average number of visitors per day was 1,522 for 2013.

The top posts were our Fact Sheets, followed by ‘They are fighting back in Sweden,’ and ‘Why so many Somalis in Minneapolis.’  Just a reminder that in our right hand sidebar is a list of ‘Top Posts’ every day.  I find it very useful to see what readers are most interested in and you might too.

Please subscribe, follow us on facebook, or on twitter.  Tell your friends!

My apologies for setting up that Yahoo e-mail address to write to us (in the right hand sidebar).  It turns out I can barely drag myself there to look for reader e-mails because the junk mail is so out of control at Yahoo.  But, I promise to go there today to begin cleaning it out.  Sorry if I’ve missed something important.   You can always send a link via a comment to a recent post (even if it’s off-topic) and we will see those as we still monitor our comments before posting.

One more thing.  I think wordpress is placing ads on our posts, but we want you to know that this project—Refugee Resettlement Watch—is a charitable endeavor by its writers.  No one pays us for our opinions!

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