Palestinian workers protesting UNRWA, want more of your money!

Demonstrations broke out in the West Bank on Sunday where Palestinian employees of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) are striking for higher pay.

Before you read on, check out Judy’s post on UNRWA here just a few days ago.

Then keep in mind that the US is paying approximately 25% of UNRWA’s annual budget of a billion dollars.

Here is a very interesting article from The Jerusalem Post last summer that confirms what a bunch of suckers we are in the West.  Rich Muslim countries give little to keep UNRWA going:

The total UNRWA budget for 2012 was $907,907,371. The permanent and hysterically supportive rhetoric for the “Palestinian cause” from the Muslim world might lead one to expect that UNWRA is mainly funded by Muslim countries. The truth, however, is that UNRWA is almost entirely funded by Western taxpayers. With a total of $644,701,999 in contributions, the US, EU, UK, Sweden, Norway, Germany, The Netherlands and Japan pay 71 percent of the annual UNRWA budget.

And don’t forget that the funds from the second-largest donor, the EU, are of course already composed of EU taxation of member states.

So where do the Muslim states rank? First in, at No. 15, is Saudi Arabia.  [And remember S.A. takes NO refugees—ed]

So now the Palestinian so-called “refugees” want even more of your money!

From the Jordan Times:

JALAZOUN, West Bank — At least 50 people were hurt on Sunday in a clash between Palestinian police and residents of a refugee camp protesting against a strike in a UN aid agency that has paralysed services, police and an ambulance service said.

The demonstration, in Jalazoun camp in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, was the most violent in a series of protests over the past week stemming from a more than month-old strike for higher pay by local employees of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

UNRWA, which employs more than 5,000 Palestinians in 19 camps for some 730,000 West Bank refugees, has been forced to shut schools, clinics and suspend trash collection at the camps since the strike began.

“We have nothing to do with the strike and we want to make our voice heard,” said Mohammed Najar, a Jalazoun resident. “The situation in the camps cannot be tolerated: no schools, no clinics and trash is piled everywhere.”

We owe them!  We owe them!  66 years later we owe them!

Many refugees fear UNRWA is slowly disengaging from its aid activities and believe the international community owes them support since it recognised Israel amid the war that led to its founding in 1948 — during which they fled or were driven from their homes to Gaza, the West Bank and surrounding countries.

The UN agency has said it is trying to end the strike but does not have funds to meet the wage demands. It also says its employees get paid at least 20 per cent and in some cases 80 per cent more than public sector employees in equivalent fields.


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