Turkey cracks down on aid agency at Syrian border, possible links to terrorism

And, get this, it is the same ‘humanitarian’ aid agency that sent the Flotilla to Gaza ***in an attempt to break the Israeli blockade.

If you are a regular reader of RRW, you know that we have been pointing a finger at Turkey for letting so many “refugees” simply pass through Turkey and into a beleaguered Bulgaria.   Now, I guess because Obama’s buddy,Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, has political problems they are making some moves on questionable border activities.

From Reuters:

ISTANBUL, Jan 14 (Reuters) – Turkish anti-terrorist police raided the offices of an aid agency on the border with Syria on Tuesday, in part of what local media said was an operation in six cities against individuals suspected of links to al Qaeda.

The Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) said police had raided its offices in the southern Turkish city of Kilis, which borders Syria, and detained one person.

The IHH came to prominence in May 2010 when Israeli marines stormed its Mavi Marmara ship to enforce a naval blockade of the Palestinian-run Gaza Strip and killed nine Turks in clashes with activists.

“IHH aid is delivered to Syrian babies, children and those who freeze in the cold … This is an operation to change perceptions (about IHH) and stop aid from being delivered inside Syria,” the group said in a statement.

Turkey has maintained an open-door policy throughout the Syrian conflict, providing a lifeline to rebel-held areas by allowing humanitarian aid in, giving refugees a route out and letting the rebel Free Syrian Army organise on its soil.

Nothing better than a little “humanitarian” aid (with pictures of doves) to cover all sorts of nefarious border activity!

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