Comment worth noting: It is Do-gooder-itis!

This is from a comment thread at our post Friday—about African immigrants arrested in a massive DC Medicaid fraud ring bust.   But, it might just as well be applied to why so many Americans can’t wrap their minds around the fact that someone would lie to get into our country (or any civilized country) so that they might destroy us someday.

I asked reader ‘momodoom’ this:

Momodoom, Why are Americans so vulnerable to this….why don’t we ‘get-it’ that some cultures/ethnic groups are so willing to lie, cheat and steal—especially from Americans—they do not think like us!

Here is ‘momodoom’s reply this morning:

* sigh! * That’s the Question Of The Year! It’s Do-Gooder-itis, an illness of the perennially obtuse. Most of them are Christians and Jews who can’t be bothered with the intricacies of their religion, so they boil it down to simplistic phrases, like “God is good”, and then try to live their entire life by that phrase.

It’s also too much work for them to understand the intricacies of human nature, so they decide that everyone is, deep down, Just Like Them. Everyone is essentially good, no one wants to do any harm to anyone, everyone just wants to get along with everybody…

They just can’t conceive of a place where everyone learns, from birth onward, that life is a dog-eat-dog kind of place, that getting anything is hard in this life and that if you can find something to take for free you should grab it. Where cleverness is measured by how much you can take (and they just don’t call it “stealing”), that honesty is only for duping a person, and that good people are fodder for the evil ones, living in crushing poverty, and being butchered at will.

Readers:  ‘Comments worth noting is a category I sometimes forget about.  When a reader sends a particularly informative or otherwise interesting comment, we post it (as a post) so most of you don’t miss it.

Look for the tag ‘Do-gooder-itis!’ going forward!

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