Church Militant TV blasts US Bishops for aiding “party of death”

If you are a Catholic, or not! and are upset about the US Conference of Catholic Bishops with self-serving hands in the federal treasury, consider helping Church Militant TV spread its message.

Michael Voris, founder of Church Militant TV

A reader sent me this 9 minute video posted ten days ago in which Michael Voris lays out the Democratic Party’s plan to turn Texas from red state to blue state by causing the immigrant population of the state to explode.  (And, don’t give me that garbage about how they can’t vote—yes, they can and they are—illegally).

Voris says Texas is “ground zero” for ensuring a permanent Democrat in the White House.  The bishops want more Hispanic parishioners (to replace Americans leaving the church in droves) and Obama and the Democrats want more Leftwing voters.  He says that the cozying-up of the bishops and Obama has got to stop.

Watch it!

What a relief to know that there are Catholics pushing back against the money-grubbing US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

We probably have a hundred posts on the USCCB, click here to browse our archives.

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