Jeb Bush: repopulate Detroit with migrants! Sounds good, but is it one big fat myth?

Drudge had a headline story last night, from CNN, which listed many of Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush’s comments on welcoming immigrants.

Can we afford one more Bush tax and spender?

According to CNN, Bush was to give a speech in Detroit yesterday (I don’t know if he did) and suggest this:

He even suggested the mayor of Detroit — the economically depressed Midwestern city where he’s giving his first policy address of the 2016 campaign on Wednesday — use immigration to “repopulate” the city.

Would someone please do an economic study of one of the refugee-overloaded cities and see if immigrants did bring prosperity to the city or not!  Let’s put this notion to rest!

Look at Utica, NY for example.  Ten years ago the United Nations raved and called it the Town that Loves Refugees and just two weeks ago we learned that the city was suing the state because they can’t afford to educate all of the refugee children.

Any study should examine closely the cost of educating the children and the costs to the criminal justice system. We need to know what the labor market looks like.  Are the immigrants simply taking jobs that less-educated Americans want?

We also need to know how much money is leaving the city and the country in the form of remittances back to the homeland!

The study must consider how much federal TAXPAYER money is simply flowing from Washington to the city (it shouldn’t be counted as benefiting the city when taxpayer dollars are simply moved from one pot to another!).  Also, we hear all the time that immigrants open businesses at a higher rate, but I want to know how much start-up money is going to them from government-supported micro-loans.  And, how quickly they are closing those businesses!

Let’s get the answer once and for all!

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