Read and weep! Christianity in Germany dying as Muslim ‘refugees’ move in

This story hit me like a ton of bricks!

It wasn’t just the news, but the way it is reported and how chipper the archdiocese is about the opportunity to unload an abbey to the government to house ‘refugees’ (most are really economic migrants and not legitimate refugees) from Muslim countries.

Beuerberg Abbey in Beuerberg, Germany, as seen Jan. 9. The 12th-century monastery will house up to 60 refugees from Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan and other conflict zones. (CNS photo/Anian Christoph Wimmer)


BEUERBERG, Germany (CNS) — Cold winter light is streaming through the ancient windows of Beuerberg Abbey. It plays on the wood of the empty choir stalls, shimmers on the bronze hand bell of the prioress. Everything is quiet and ready for the next prayer.

But this bell will likely never again break the silence of these walls. The last nuns of Beuerberg have left. The monastery, founded in 1121, today stands empty in the snowy landscape of the Alpine foothills.


Sister Lioba and the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising have worked a deal to house refugees in the abbey. They hope that, within a few months, families from Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan and other conflict zones can find a home here.


Msgr. Peter Beer, archdiocesan vicar general, sees Beuerberg Abbey as a test case and model for the future use of the more than 100 monasteries across Upper Bavaria, a growing number of which are threatened by the drastic decline in vocations.

Record numbers of migrants and asylum seekers are pouring into Europe, and most of them are headed to Germany. As the U.N. refugee agency reports, Germany has been — and continues to be — the recipient of the largest number of asylum applications, followed by France, Sweden, Italy and the United Kingdom.

For those of you who think, wow, this might be a great opportunity to evangelize and bring the migrants to Christ, forget it, most Christians working in the refugee humanitarian industrial complex are so steeped in the notion of cultural/religious relativism, they don’t dare try to convert anyone.

Think about where we are in history!  We are witnesses to the end of Europe as we have known it for centuries.

One last thing!  How long do you think that statue of the Madonna will last?

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