Pittsburgh letter writer: Mayor is wrong to invite Syrian refugees to city

Pittsburgh Mayor Peduto: We’ll take a few thousand impoverished Syrians here. How does 5,555 sound? What! Has Pittsburgh run out of poor homeless people to take care of?

Last week we told you about how important it is to write Letters to the Editor on the refugee colonization plans for your towns and cities.
We posted a couple of sample letters here and here.
We also told you about Pittsburgh’s mayor (among 18 mayors) telling Obama to send some their way.
Let’s see if Obama decides to go with the number being proposed by the NO Borders agitators—100,000 Syrians—divide that number by the 18 mayors and it comes out to 5,555 Syrians per city.  Does that sound about right Mr. Mayor?
And, by the way, a recent Rasmussen poll found that 49% of likely voters DO NOT WANT ANY SYRIANS BROUGHT TO AMERICA (Trump and Carson must be seeing those polls!)
Now from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette comes this one:

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto has joined with several other mayors in offering to accept refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries (“Peduto Joins Other Mayors in Pledging to Accept Syrian Refugees,” Sept. 28). This is a decision he should not be allowed to make without the consent of the voters and taxpayers of the city of Pittsburgh, who will ultimately be forced to pay for their housing, food, clothing, education, medical care and, if necessary, their policing.

Homeless in Pittsburgh
Just as we thought. Homeless living under a bridge in Pittsburgh. http://www.post-gazette.com/local/region/2015/03/23/Yearly-homeless-census-finds-38-homeless-people-living-without-shetler-in-Allegheny-County/stories/201503180236

Aside from the obvious security risk, these people will not have a knowledge of our language or customs and most probably will not have a level of skills to be able to support themselves, resulting in them becoming the responsibility of the taxpayers.

The city has enough of its own economic and social problems without being financially burdened and forced to take in any refugees who could be more easily resettled in countries closer to and more like their own.


Note from RRW:  If your mayor is asking for Syrian (mostly Muslim) refugees, try pinning him or her down by asking what number he or she would like to see each year going forward.  I bet they will run and hide from that question!  And, when writing letters be sure to mention the homeless and the veterans who are suffering in your city already.

As popularity drops,"Mama Merkel" stands by decision to invite Syrians to Germany

Invasion of Europe news…..

There is so much news out of a struggling-to-cope Germany that I suggest readers wishing to learn more simply search for ‘Merkel and refugees’ and take your pick of many news articles from around the world.

Horst Seehofer
Merkel critic Horst Seehofer sees his popularity rising as Merkel’s falls

Here is the Financial Times on German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s plunging popularity.  There is even a reference to the government commandeering private property to house the 10,000 or so refugees entering Germany EVERY DAY!

Angela Merkel has defended her decision to make Germany a haven for refugees, despite sliding public support and mounting criticism of the policy from within her ruling coalition.

Speaking as Germany marked the 25th anniversary of reunification, the chancellor on Sunday urged people to apply the same energy to the unprecedented migrant wave as was shown in bringing together West and East Germany.

“We stand before new tasks . . . the scale and scope of which we do not yet know,” Ms Merkel said in a radio interview. She insisted that if she had to review the move she took a month ago to relax asylum rules for refugees from war-ravaged Syria, the biggest source of migrants, she would take the same decision again.

Her comments come as opinion polls reveal a sharp drop in support for Ms Merkel’s leadership. A survey for ARD television last week showed that the share of Germans satisfied with her work plunged 9 percentage points in a month to 54 per cent — the lowest level since December 2001.

Meanwhile, Horst Seehofer, head of the conservative Bavarian CSU party, partner to Ms Merkel’s CDU, who has called the chancellor’s refugee policy a “mistake”, saw his support rise 11 points to 39 per cent.

The commonsense German citizen knows this rate of migration is unsustainable, and the mystery continues about why Merkel made this disastrous decision in the first place.
Read the whole article here.
Our complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive may be found by clicking here.  And, we have been following the German ‘experiment’ for years, go here for more on Germany and ‘Mama Merkel’—the nickname given to Chancellor Merkel by the migrants.

Sharyl Attkisson does Lewiston, Maine; Trump says no Syrians

Watch investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s debut of her new show—Full Measure. (Hat tip: Joanne).  This is the “tease” for the show.  You will have to click here to watch the whole episode.

Immigration took center stage in the show’s debut. Host Attkisson explored why Lewiston, Maine has become an unlikely refuge for Somali asylum-seekers, “Full Measure” correspondent Scott Thuman examined life in European refugee camps, and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump explained why he wouldn’t welcome any Syrian refugees to America.

In the program, please note the discussion about refugees vs. asylum seekers.  Remember the Somalis in the program were brought here by the UN/US State Department, but many of the others in the story are asylum seekers.  Those are migrants who got here on their own (no screening) perhaps illegally (across our borders) or came in on a temporary visa and then they apply for asylum.  The US does not allow them to work so they go to states like Maine where they are permitted to receive welfare as non-citizens who have not yet been designated refugees (aka asylees) after proving they would be persecuted if they went home.
The word is out all over Africa—go to Maine!
As I said in my previous post.  All of the media attention on refugees now will help (we hope) wake up Americans to the very real likelihood that their towns will soon be populated with third worlders (as Lewiston, ME has for over a decade).  Folks, you will have to start speaking up if you want to see our American culture survive (and your town’s resources not depleted). Your town could easily become the next Lewiston….
See our complete (and lengthy) archive on Lewiston, Maine by clicking here.

The New York Times addresses the Twin Falls, Idaho refugee controversy

My overall quick impression of the NYT article from late last week (sorry I was away with no time to post) is that although it is still the New York Times it is a bit fairer than the article they posted from South Carolina about ten days ago.  My take on that one is here.
Here is just a short bit:

In an echo of the ferocious debate that is gripping Europe about the fate of the millions of Syrians thrown from their country by civil war, Twin Falls is grappling with the question of whether taking in a next generation of refugees from the Middle East is wise and safe.

vicki davis
Vicky Davis, right, before a community forum, said she wanted to close the refugee center. Credit Kim Raff for The New York Times

The announcement last month by the Obama administration that thousands of additional Syrians would be accepted into the system nationally galvanized opponents of the CSI Refugee Center here, as it is formally known, who were already circulating a ballot initiative aimed at forcing the College of Southern Idaho to cut its ties or shut down the program.

“There’s a lot of concern about radical Islam,” said Richard L. Martin Jr., a petition-drive leader who graduated from high school here in the mid-1980s. Back then, Mr. Martin said, Twin Falls was still taking in refugees from places like Laos, including a boy who became one of his best friends. “Now it’s something different,” said Mr. Martin, the owner of a small medical products repair company.

See the whole article here.
Most of America still has no clue about how we are admitting thousands and thousands of third world refugees each year, distributing them to towns that have no say in the matter and placing them on all forms of welfare, so every bit of media attention is good (even when it doesn’t give our concerns a serious look).  Sad to say, but most mainstream reporters are making completely emotional appeals to readers who are driven by surprise!—their emotions.  Those people and their reporter friends simply can’t mentally handle the practical considerations some of us are focusing on.  This NYT reporter, Kirk Johnson, was not as bad as he could have been.
Go here to read about concerned citizen Vicky Davis’s (see photo) analysis of her meeting with federal officials who traveled to Twin Falls to participate in the public “forum.”  Thank goodness we still have other ways of reaching readers other than the NYT, Washington Post or LA Times!
Click here for all of our previous coverage of the on-going controversy about resettling more refugees, especially Muslim refugees, in Twin Falls, Idaho.
An afterthought:  I forgot to mention that our post of late last week on Northern Idaho being targeted for refugee resettlement is breaking all records.  I don’t know who all is reading it, but I hope that the many thousands who are live in No. Idaho.