Erie PA: Impoverished refugees to get special federal savings plan (you pay for it)

What is wrong with this story?
Let me count the ways!
First, remember that you are being constantly told that refugees are becoming self-sufficient in three months. Right! We hear that everywhere, so how come there are impoverished refugees in Erie, PA (besides the fact that Erie has been a long time dumping ground, yes dumping ground!)?

Lynne Cutler
Ms. Cutler gets to play Santa Claus as she puts your money into the private savings accounts of refugees thereby solidifying her position (her community organizing group’s position) as the friend of the refugee.

Secondly, once again we see ‘non-profit’ groups awarded grant money to manage a program that really is a federal responsibility to manage (if Congress deems it necessary at all).
When the bill creating the Refugee Act of 1980 was debated in Congress, the promoters (Kennedy, Biden et al) insisted we would not be adding more poverty to America.  So much for that lie!
But, here is the worst part and unless you have been a faithful reader for years, you won’t know what they are talking about.
The Office of Refugee Resettlement has a SAVINGS PLAN where your tax dollars are matched dollar for dollar for every one ‘saved’ by the refugee.  Read that again carefully!—you (without your knowledge!) are putting your money into a refugee’s savings account! The non-profit agency, like this one in Pennsylvania, gets to manage the money!
Read about the benign-sounding INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT ACCOUNTS, here.   Here is a list of the present grantees.
I wonder if this IDA program has ever even been approved by Congress?
Now this from Go Erie:

ERIE, Pa. — A nonprofit group based in Philadelphia is looking to help impoverished refugees in Erie.

Officials with the Women’s Opportunities Resource Center*** were in Erie on Friday, meeting with local refugee advocacy agencies in an attempt to launch a program that will help refugees open a bank account, establish credit and learn basic household budgeting.

The federally funded program, scheduled to start here in early November, will match money saved by local refugees by up to $4,000 for families and up to $2,000 for individuals, said Lynne Cutler, the center’s president.

The center, which has promoted social and economic self-sufficiency primarily for low-income women and their families since 1993, received a $242,310 grant in late September from the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement, an arm of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Cutler said her center was awarded a three-year grant for the savings program, which also will operate in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Lancaster.

The center, in collaboration with the International Institute of Erie, the Greater Erie Community Action Committee, and the Multicultural Community Resource Center, is hoping to have about 60 individuals or families enrolled in the refugee savings program between the end of this year and 2018.

I sure hope someone is auditing these grants!
By the way, there is a Federal Audit Clearinghouse, which we hope to use at some point where federal grant recipients must submit audits if they get over $500,000 in federal bucks.  However, the system was hacked this summer and has been down ever since.
And, there must be a big move afoot to push resettlement in Pennsylvania as we noted here last week in Allentown.
***Go here to see a recent Form 990 for Ms. Cutler’s group.  The majority of their funding is from government grants.

Colonizers on Greek island of Lesbos: Do you have wifi?

One more bit of news on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ (then I promise to move on!)…..

When I saw this news on twitter last night, I first thought it was a spoof.  
It is from one of our nine major refugee resettlement contractors which has apparently got another gig from the US government and that is to work in Greece to process the colonizers in to Europe.  The International Rescue Committee headed by British former Foreign Secretary David Miliband (whose salary you pay!) published a list of most-asked questions from the invaders—questions like ‘Where is the bus to Germany?’ ‘Why are you fingerprinting me?’ How long do I have to stay here?’ and so on.
But the question the IRC featured on its twitter feed was this question: ‘Do you have wifi?’ (and posted this photo):

wifi on Lesbos
The Middle Eastern young men invading Europe need their phones to navigate to ‘welcoming’ countries like Germany and Sweden.

Here is the IRC’s helpful answer (with a spin—they want to be sure you know it is all about letting loved ones know they are ok). But, don’t miss the part about using their phones to navigate through Europe!

Connecting with family is a top priority for newly arrived refugees who want their loved ones to know they are safe. IRC staff direct people to cafés and restaurants that provide WiFi free of charge. Because refugees use their mobile phones to navigate routes through Europe, we advise them on locations where they can purchase SIM cards and recharge their phones.

Learn more about the IRC and David Miliband by clicking here.
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Gatestone: Sweden close to collapse

More on the Invasion of Europe today….

The colonizers. Coming to a town near you? Photo at Jihad Watch

We mentioned Sweden yesterday, and Germany today.  Here is more news on the Islamic colonization of Europe.
From Ingrid Carlqvist at Gatestone (hat tip: Dick):

Sweden is fast approaching a complete collapse. More and more municipalities are raising the alarm that if the migrants keep coming at this pace, the government can no longer guarantee normal service to its citizens. In addition, ominous statements from government officials have left Swedes in fear of what tomorrow may bring. If the migrant wave keeps coming, in 10-15 years, Swedes will be a minority in their own country.

At a press conference October 9, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said that Sweden is in a state of crisis. However, when asked to clarify what he meant by this, Löfven was unable to produce a single coherent sentence.

Three ministers appeared by the Prime Minister’s side at the hastily summoned press conference, which came on the heels of an extraordinary government meeting. The purpose of the press conference seems to have been to convey two messages:

To explain to the world and the Swedish people that Sweden is facing “one of the largest humanitarian efforts in Swedish history.”
That there is no more housing available, and migrants should be prepared to live in tents.

During the question period after the ministers’ speeches, journalist Tomas Ramberg of Ekot Public Radio asked: “You say that Sweden is preparing for a crisis situation, what do you mean by those dramatic words?”

Continue reading here!
We have followed the foolish Swedish government for years and have predicted that Sweden would fall first to the colonizers demanding social services from the ‘welcoming’ socialist government.  Come on Swedish people, please fight for your country and your culture!
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Is Europe being colonized? Yes! Let's call it what it is!

Will North America be next?

A reader brought this older (2008) article to our attention about the colonization of Europe (in 2015 what it describes is happening at warp speed). It is a longish read at the ever vigilant Gates of Vienna blog, but I want you to definitely see the section on colonization.

migrants Hungary
Middle Eastern colonizers in Hungary. Photo:

If the migrants are welcomed, it is not colonization says the author. Which is it here in America?
From El Inglés at Gates of Vienna (emphasis is mine):
‘Surrender, Genocide… or What? — An Update’


Is there one convenient word for describing what we are witnessing when we look at the sort of phenomena plaguing the north of England? I believe there is, and the word in question is colonization. Until recently, I have always been suspicious of suggestions that this is what is occurring, as they seemed to smack of a genuinely hysterical xenophobia. Upon more careful consideration however, it occurs to me that it is a very simple and accurate description of what is happening.

When we examine unambiguous historical examples of colonization, such as the colonization of North America by Europeans, what precisely are the characteristics of these historical events that lead us to describe them as colonization at all? I submit that there are three conditions, related but distinct, all of which must be satisfied for us to be observing an instance of colonization. Others might produce different lists, but the key principles will be the same.

1) Population —

Colonization must involve the colonizing population putting the colonized population under continuous demographic pressure. It can do this by continued settlement/immigration, higher fertility rates, gradually killing off the colonized population, undermining its ability to maintain itself economically, or some combination of these factors. If the colony at Jamestown, Virginia, had remained the only European settlement in North America, we would surely not talk today about the colonization of America, irrespective of the other behaviours of the colonists.

2) Territory —

Colonization must also involve the colonizing population putting the colonized population under geographic pressure. If the ‘colonized’ population enjoys permanent control of substantial territories in which it is able to maintain its way of life without major hindrance, then it has not yet been colonized, though it may have been inconvenienced by the influx of newcomers. If the colonization of North America had been limited to a number of large, populous settlements along the Atlantic seaboard, we would not talk about the colonization of the continent, though we could still legitimately talk of the existence of colonies.

3) Zero-Sum Game —

Last but not least, colonization must involve the creation of a zero-sum game between colonizers and colonized, a game which the colonized start to lose. Whether competition over resources, markets, and territory, or outright wars of extermination, there must be winners and losers in interactions between the two groups. If the native population of North America had simply been incorporated into an ever-growing yet prosperous, peaceful and productive polity, membership of which they greatly preferred to their previous nomadic ways, using the word colonization to describe the process would feel somehow wrong, despite its obvious applicability in other, technical regards. Colonization is not colonization if it is welcomed.

It seems to me that these three conditions are, taken together, both necessary and sufficient to establish an encroachment of one people on another as being colonization. This said, can it then be observed that Europe is being colonized by a mishmash of various Muslim populations? I would argue that it can. The demographic pressure of Muslim populations on native populations in European countries, spurred on by ongoing immigration and high fertility rates, is too well-established to be discussed again here. The territorial pressure on the native population, brought to bear on both private citizens and organs of the state too, will be similarly familiar to anyone with the briefest acquaintance with the growing Muslim ghettoes in European cities.

More interesting is the last condition, that of the zero-sum game. This implies a transfer of some sort from colonized to colonizers, but the nature of the transferred object can vary. It can be tangible, such as a piece of land, a gold nugget, or a horse, or intangible, such as a trade concession, a social privilege, or a legal privilege. It will not be lost on the observant reader that at the same time as Muslim colonizers extract great tangible wealth from their colonized populations in the form of welfare and other payments, they extract intangible concessions in the form of, for example, ‘hate speech’ laws which reduce the freedom of those populations whilst increasing the political utility they themselves enjoy.

There is more to be said on the subject, but this should suffice. The fact that most of the Muslims in Western European countries arrived there legally is neither here nor there. Legality is beside the point, a thin and pathetic smear of superficial legitimacy slapped onto mass population movements by political elites who long since stopped attempting to implement the will of the electorates they supposedly served. Colonization with the help of collaborators is still colonization.***

I am well aware of the fact that many reasonable-minded people will consider the description of Muslim immigration into Western Europe as colonization to be overstating the case. But the fact of the matter is that colonization was not a historical aberration inflicted by white Europeans on unsuspecting indigenous peoples around the world during a now long-gone historical period. Rather, it is an ever-present historical force that will exist as long as human beings do.

Read the whole article at Gates of Vienna, here.  Go here for all of our ‘Invasion of Europe’ news.
And, see our previous post on Germans fighting the colonization of their country.
I don’t know if you have noticed, but some time ago we created a category simply entitled ‘colonization’ in which we archive all of our posts on what is happening in your towns and cities right here in America.
*** See a list of collaborators, here.
One final point, the colonization of North America has just taken another step forward as Canada elects Justin Trudeau.

As colonization of Europe continues, thousands of Germans take to the streets to fight the Islamic tide

Invasion of Europe news…..

People gather for an anti-immigration demonstration organised by rightwing movement Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) in Dresden, Germany October 19, 2015. REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch
People gather for an anti-immigration demonstration organised by rightwing movement Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) in Dresden, Germany October 19, 2015. REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

I don’t think anyone can honestly look at what is happening in Europe today and not say that the Continent is being invaded.
Once again German patriots take to the streets to stand against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s invitation of welcome to the mostly Middle Eastern young men marching into Europe by the tens of thousands.
From Reuters:

DRESDEN, Germany (Reuters) – The German anti-Islam movement PEGIDA staged its biggest rally in months on Monday, sparked into fresh life on its first anniversary by anger at the government’s decision to take in hundreds of thousands of migrants from the Middle East.

PEGIDA, or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West, almost fizzled out earlier this year when its leader resigned after a photo was published of him posing as Hitler.

But it has swelled again as Germany implements Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to accept a tide of refugees that could exceed a million this year, as she argues that Germany can not only cope but, with its aging population, will benefit in the long term.


PEGIDA supporters waved the national flag and carried posters bearing slogans such as “Hell comes with fake refugees” and “Every people should have its country, not every people a piece of Germany”.

Gathering outside Dresden’s historic opera house, the Semperoper, PEGIDA supporters chanted “Deport! Deport!” and “Merkel must go!”.

Continue reading here.
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Update:  See Daniel Greenfield at Frontpage on how the “savages” call European women aid workers “Christian whores.”