Calling all young patriots! Build large families to save American culture!

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I’m so sick of hearing that as the population ages we have to tolerate more and more immigration from the third world.  Heck, that thinking is what is destroying Europe. And, I am sick of us being on the defense.
How about a national campaign to encourage young American couples to have more babies!  Why not!
If you are my age, you know we college students were beaten over the head with the idea that we dare not over-populate the earth and we dutifully (many of us!) did what we were told, all the while, the whole system was geared for people with lower educations to have MORE babies (encouraged by the welfare system).
Let’s stop the madness.  How about rewards for the well-educated to have large families!  (Oh, I can hear the screaming and gnashing of teeth from the Left now!).
Maybe there is some (brave!) private foundation out there willing to promote such a campaign!
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Maryland Senators want more Syrians resettled in the state; seek to streamline security screening

Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md.: Let's spend more taxpayer dollars to bring in more Syrians more quickly
Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md. and Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md.: Let’s spend more taxpayer dollars to bring in more Syrians more quickly!

We are always reporting on other states, but we mustn’t forget our home state of Maryland!  Although, as Maryland readers will attest, this is not exactly earth-shattering news!
Here the Baltimore Sun reports on efforts by Senators Ben Cardin and Barbara Mikulski to obtain more funding to speed up the resettlement of mostly Muslim Syrians to the US and to Maryland.
And, although it is at the end, Sun reporter, Ian Duncan, does tell us that the Sessions’ hearing last week revealed that thorough security screening of Syrians is virtually impossible.

Maryland’s senators are seeking ways the U.S. government can do more to aid Syrian refugees, joining other officials in the search for a balance between the humanitarian urge to help those who are suffering and the security concerns of admitting masses of people to the United States from a region that has been cracked apart by terrorism.

Sen. Ben Cardin called this week for more funding to process refugee applications, and Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski has asked homeland security officials how better technology could speed the vetting process.


About 7,000 refugees from around the world were resettled in Maryland from October 2008 through September 2013, according to the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement. The Baltimore office of the nonprofit International Rescue Committee had found homes for 26 Syrians this year through mid-September.

Cardin urged the Senate Appropriations Committee to boost funding for the agencies involved.

“We must support funding to significantly increase the number of refugees screened and admitted into the United States,” Cardin and other Democrats wrote in a letter to the panel’s leaders.

Although it is at the very end of his story, the reporter does mention the important hearing held by Senator Jeff Sessions last week.

The process is also colored by concerns that the self-proclaimed Islamic State in Iraq and Syria could try to sneak operatives posing as refugees into the United States.

At a recent hearing, Sen. Jeff Sessions questioned whether immigration officials know enough about individual candidates to determine who might pose a national security risk.

“We have little or no information about who the people are, no background information, no ability to determine whether they are radicalized now or might become radicalized after their arrival in the United States,” the Alabama Republican said.

More here.
Adding Muslim diversity to Baltimore!
Be sure to check out some recent posts on refugee resettlement to Baltimore here and here.  An Islamic charity affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood is ‘helping’ refugees resettle in Maryland.  I wonder if they assist ol’ Ben and Babs with a little campaign help as well, just as CAIR is doing in CT, here, for another Democrat Senator.
Where is Governor Hogan on all of this? Does anyone know?

Resistance growing to refugee resettlement as federal program "cost shifts" expenses to state and local taxpayers

Fox News reporter, Melissa Jacobs, posted a very useful piece earlier this week entitled, ‘Obama’s refugee resettlement plan could stir battle with states.
Here is a bit that interested me (be sure to read the whole thing because she mentions several states and local communities resisting the resettlement of more refugees.  See if your city or state gets a mention!).

The Obama administration’s pledge to absorb thousands more Syrian and other refugees could run headlong into resistance from state and local officials worried about whether their communities can handle the influx.


“It’s a fiscal issue,” said Peter Steele, a spokesman for Maine Gov. Paul LePage. “You can only pay for what you can afford, and those funds should be going to the most needy citizens in our state.”

Don Barnett
Center for Immigration Studies Fellow, Don Barnett: Time for refugee program to come out of the shadows.


…. pushback from the states could pose practical challenges.

According to a 1980 law, states can opt out of the program and need to be consulted in the process. However, Don Barnett, a fellow with the Center for Immigration Studies, describes refugee resettlement as a “secretive” and lucrative business for “non-profits” who operate with little coordination with state and local communities.

“In every encounter I’ve had with resettlement representatives, they will say if the locality doesn’t want it, we won’t resettle them — but this hasn’t been tested,” Barnett said.

Concern about the funding burden falling on local governments is hardly new.

The 1981 Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy noted, “Many state and local officials are concerned that the costs of resettlement assistance will continue beyond the period of federal reimbursement and that the burden of providing services will then fall upon their governments.”

“There is a complete cost shift to the states,” Barnett said.

Indeed, federal funding, extended for 36 months at the beginning of the program, dropped to the current eight-month period by 1991. The Heritage Foundation estimates the total lifetime cost of government benefits at $6.5 billion per 10,000 refugees.

See Julia Hahn at Breitbart, here, for more on the Heritage Foundation study.

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho newspaper confirms it: No refugees to be resettled in Northern Idaho ("right now")

However, the state refugee coordinator, Jan Reeves, while suggesting Northern Idahoans are too hostile to accept refugees, confirms that Syrian refugees will be resettled in Twin Falls.
Last week we heard a rumor that refugees were going to be resettled in Coeur d’Alene and/or St. Marie’s, Idaho and our story reached thousands and thousands of readers, see the original story here.
Then we heard from the Director of the World Relief office in nearby Spokane, Washington who told us that there were no plans to resettle refugees across the state line, but they were only looking for donations and volunteer help.  See our follow-up post here.

Reeves and Johnson
That is Jan Reeves on the right with Holly Johnson of Tennessee (left) they decide for Idaho and for Tennessee (along with the US State Department) who gets resettled in their states with virtually zero input from elected officials in their Wilson-Fish states. In 2013, Obama chose Reeves as a “champion of change.”

It is not the purpose of this post today to discuss the donated stuff, but you should know that the ‘stuff’ (even junky donations) are counted as cash by the federal government for the purpose of demonstrating that the non-profit group was adding its share to the pot of money that is used for the refugees and for the agency’s salaries and overhead.
Also, volunteer hours are tracked and a dollar value is placed on them also for the purpose of ‘matching’ federal dollars.  But, I digress.
Now thanks to some good sleuthing by Jeff Selle, at the CDA, we learn this (below) from Mr. Reeves (Reeves is largely responsible, along with the UN/US State Department, for determining who comes to Idaho, a Wilson-Fish state, with no Idaho state government input!).  (Emphasis below is mine.)

Jan Reeves, director of the Idaho State Office of Refugees, confirmed what Kadel said.

[The Idaho State Office of Refugees, Jannus Inc, is a non-profit group, NOT an office of the state government. Kadel is the Director of World Relief Spokane—ed]

“I talked with Mark about this a couple of days ago,” Reeves said. “The last thing I would recommend is settling refugees in a community that doesn’t support them. Considering the (political) climate in North Idaho, we would not resettle refugees there.”

Reeves said the very notion that his office or the World Relief organization would clandestinely try to create a resettlement community is absurd.

Reeves may not “clandestinely” resettle refugees in Idaho, but I assure you that the taxpaying citizens of towns being chosen across the country are the last to learn (usually when refugees have already arrived in town!) the news.

“It isn’t done secretly by the dark forces of government,” he said. “In fact, it is a fairly long process.” [What is a “fairly” open process? How about a completely open process!—ed]

Reeves said North Idaho doesn’t have the service necessary to support a large number of refugees. He said the only two Idaho cities that will receive the Syrian refugees are Boise and Twin Falls.

He said Boise took 35 Syrian refugees this year, which amounted to seven or eight families.

“I do expect we will see more Syrians in Boise this year,” Reeves said, adding he is not sure how many they will take because those decisions are still being made in Washington, D.C.

“In about a month we should know much more,” he said, adding they are deciding how to distribute a total of 85,000 refugees among nine resettlement agencies and 200 resettlement communities.

There is much more, continue reading here.  Be sure to see the many comments!
You need to know that in 2013 the White House chose Jan Reeves to receive its ‘Champions of Change’ award, here.  Jannus Inc. was formerly Mountain States Group which I discussed here a little bit at the end of this post.  Remember, Obama is changing America by changing the people!
My recommendation for Idaho patriots, especially those who have dodged a bullet for now in N. Idaho, you need to persuade your state legislature to take action and GET RID OF THE WILSON-FISH program in your state.  Tell them to take control back from an un-elected non-profit group!
By the way, point out to your state and federal legislators that Montana and Wyoming take ZERO refugees.  See map here.

'Refugee' security screening Greek-style

Invasion of Europe news…

refugee men greece
From Foreign Policy story entitled, ‘The men who pretend to be Syrian refugees.’

Really good article here at Foreign Policy telling us how the ‘refugees’ reaching Greece lie, claiming to be Syrians, and how the Greek authorities sort them out.  However, it appears that no matter what nationality they determine the mostly men to be, they are moved northward in Europe.
Foreign Policy’s opening lines:

KARA TEPE, Greece — “Oh, you’re from Syria,” said one of the officials holding up a spiral-bound book with color pictures of 100-pound notes. “Can you point to which of these pictures is your home currency?”

One by one, the head of the vetting team led by Frontex, a European Union agency that works between member states to secure EU borders, quizzes men and families claiming to be from Syria who arrive on the Greek island of Lesbos.

“I’m a Syrian,” the man repeated to the official cautiously, his shoes and clothing still wet from the journey by sea earlier that day. “From Deir Ezzor.”

The man, who had arrived from Turkey that morning, hesitated and pointed to a yellow bill, a fake note that vaguely resembled Lebanese currency but was clearly not from Syria.


German officials have said that 30 percent of the people claiming to be Syrian asylum-seekers in Germany are not in fact from Syria, but officials in Greece with knowledge of the initial registration process on the Aegean island estimate the number is much higher.

Read the whole shocking (LOL! maybe not shocking!) story by clicking here.
Our entire (extends back many years) Invasion of Europe archive is here.