Message to new readers

I’m still traveling so haven’t had time to post or to answer most of my e-mails, so apologies for that.  I can see this morning that we have many many new readers so I decided to quickly put up some information that I do post from time to time to help you get the most out of your visits to RRW.
No weekly roundup this week, but our previous post about Northern Idaho is definitely number one!

For new readers….

This is where you can find information (in addition to our fact sheet). We have over 7,000 posts.

*  See our categories (left hand sidebar, now a drop-down)
*  Also, we have a great search function and since the categories go all the way back to our first posts more than eight years ago, use the search window with a few key words.  You might want to first try your city, state, or country to see what we have reported from there over the years.
Readers from Europe should search for key words ‘Invasion of Europe’ for all of our many posts on the migration crisis on the Continent.
By the way, our category entitled ‘where to find information’ is filled with reports and documents, but with 387 posts archived there, it is pretty unwieldy now.  But, please definitely have a look there and scroll down through recent posts archived there.
Past weekly roundups can be found in our category entitled ‘blogging.’
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And apologies to all who e-mail and comment, sorry if I don’t respond much (know that I do try), there are just not enough hours in my day!  Remember RRW is not an organization, it is a news outlet with one reporter—me!
Thanks to all of you for following RRW.  The subject is on fire (maybe you have noticed)!