US State Department Presidential Determination report for FY2016 is available on-line

Obviously Sec. of State Kerry didn’t give a hoot that he was sending the report to the House and Senate Judiciary committees in a timely manner or not!

This is one of the most useful documents researchers and resisters can use to fully understand what the Obama Administration has planned for FY2016 for resettling refugees to your towns and cities.
I haven’t looked at it closely yet, but if you have time on your hands over the weekend, you might want to start digging in.
The document is required to be sent to Congress before the start of the fiscal year, but each year the State Department just squeaks it in at the deadline thus giving the House and Senate Judiciary committees virtually no time to examine it before the fiscal year begins.  (Ha! Assuming they have ever wanted to examine it!)
There has been no meaningful consultation for 20 years or more!  Calling the House Judiciary Committee—-we are still waiting!
This one is here and it is dated October 1, 2015!

Comment worth noting: When will “Christian compassion” meet up with “Christian integrity?”

We received a disturbing anonymous comment from a reader with knowledge of the inner workings of one of the federal ‘religious’ refugee resettlement contracting offices in Florida.   But, before I tell you what the commenter reported, I want to remind long-time readers and alert new readers to my long-standing interest in food stamp fraud in the immigrant community.

Florida food stamp benefit card
Florida EBT card

We previously wrote many posts on major food stamp fraud (called trafficking), but have had to give up the interest for lack of time.
However, I must say I am half tempted to take a break from writing RRW to begin addressing the many frauds being perpetrated on the taxpayer by those we have “welcomed” to America—food stamp fraud, Medicare/Medicaid fraud, housing fraud, daycare fraud, driver’s license fraud and the list goes on.
I simply can’t understand why mainstream investigative reports AND even the alternative media are largely ignoring the subject.
Americans are generous, but they don’t want to be cheated.
From a reader:

In order to receive food stamps in Florida, applicants must submit proof of employment (earnings statements) or proof of loss of employment (from former employer). Amount of food stamps received depends on number in household, income, expenses, etc.

So, a Florida refugee resettlement caseworker asks coworker how to reapply for food stamps for refugee client who is working and being paid $300 per week “under the table” and therefore has no income and employment documentation to submit with the benefit application.

Coworker says, “You have three options. 1. Reapply and don’t submit employment documentation and client will be turned down for benefits. 2. Reapply and provide the employer’s name, amount of cash being paid to worker, etc., and see the employer busted and the employee fired! 3. Follow the law, tell client to either work legally and receive income proof or don’t apply for benefits!

Next issue—same day!

Refugee resettlement caseworker asks coworker if there is any funding available to help a client pay $400+ for his driver’s license. Coworker says, “$400 dollars? It doesn’t cost $400 to get a driver’s license!” Caseworker says client must pay about $50 for the driver’s license but needs the other $350+ to pay the Arabic speaking “friend” who will interpret at the DMV and give the correct answers since the refugee client doesn’t know the answers!

(The request for extra funding for the “interpreter” was denied, but how many other agencies do risk your lives on the road when refugees fraudulently obtain drivers’s licenses.  We have heard plenty of stories over the years about those driver’s license fraud cases.—ed.)
Both cases involved Iraqi refugees we are told.
Our category ‘Comments worth noting/guest posts’ was designed for readers to get messages out that we find informative.   If you have first-hand knowledge of fraud in the refugee resettlement ‘industry,’ please send it our way.

Pickens County, SC sends message: No refugees for us (thank you very much)

The article at Greenville Online entitled:  ‘Refugee issue stirs strong emotions, despite no influx expected’ gives me an idea.

South Carolina counties
Pickens County is along the North Carolina border. Refugees are already in nearby Greenville and Spartanburg Counties.

Begin community organizing in advance!

Send a message now!  Don’t wait until refugees are on the way!
The UN/US State Department (and the federal resettlement contractors) are out constantly scouting for fresh territory in which to “seed” refugees (especially since the numbers will swell this year with the Syrian migration), so how about sending a message preemptively that your town is not open for colonization, just as these resisters in Pickens County, SC have done. 
If you go to this list of resettlement offices in 48 states, know that if your town is within 100 miles of any of them, you are fair game to be forced to resettle refugees.
Here are a few snips from the story, but please read it all, by clicking here.

Members of the Pickens County Republican Party recently heard a chilling update on the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program at Liberty Auditorium.

Nikki Halley at Newsweek
If Governor Nikki Haley wanted to she could send a clear message to the federal government just as Governor Deal has done in Georgia. The feds aren’t going to listen, but if enough REPUBLICAN governors spoke up, a Tenth Amendment states’ rights challenge could be mounted.

One of the forum speakers, Tara Servatius from WORD Radio, warned the crowd of about 40 that the refugee program is part of a conspiracy orchestrated by insiders in Washington that’s designed to create a one-party political system and enlarge a populace dependent on big government.

Critics of the alarmist sentiment, however, say the meeting only serves to show how unfounded some of the fears are regarding a mass influx of immigrants that simply aren’t expected to come to Pickens County. The differing opinions on extreme opposite ends of the spectrum reveal an emotional tug-of-war that exists in the Upstate.


Diane Hardy, who heads a “pocket of resistance” with a Facebook page called Secure South Carolina, tells the group that the refugees will suck up benefits paid for by South Carolina taxpayers and strain already overtaxed social services, law enforcement, schools and health care systems.

The speakers at the meeting placed the blame on Gov. Nikki Haley, who they said signed off on the federal government’s request to allow refugees here.


No city in Pickens County is listed as a destination for any refugees.

Haley’s unwillingness to face down the UN/US State Department puts her in the RINO/Chamber of Commerce camp which has bought in to the notion that big industry (the donor class!) needs cheap immigrant labor.
This post is archived in our ‘Pockets of Resistance’ category, here.

Martin O'Malley In Dearborn, Michigan: Bring in the Syrian Muslims! Michigan needs more!

They are just like my Irish ancestors! 

I know, O’Malley is going nowhere in his bid to knock out Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and still possibly Joe Biden to become the Democrat nominee for President of the US, but since he was Maryland’s governor and Baltimore’s mayor, this news interested me (a Marylander). And, LOL! I think I might be in that “shadowy network” he refers to (but, it is not so shadowy).

Martin O'Malley
Former MD Governor Martin O’Malley: Muslim refugees just like my County Mayo ancestors. (I know I have used this photo before, but I love it!)

From the Detroit Free Press:

Speaking to Arab Americans in Dearborn, Democratic presidential candidate and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley slammed “Islamophobia and xenophobia,” saying the U.S. should take in more Syrian refugees.

“I stand for a more compassionate America,” O’Malley said to about 200 people at the University of Michigan-Dearborn as part of a three-day conference held by the Arab American Institute. “We are a nation of immigrants and refugees. It’s in our DNA…The enduring symbol of America is not the barbed-wire fence. It is the Statue of Liberty.

O’Malley spoke Friday afternoon in a city whose population is more than 40% Arab-American Muslim. His remarks were the most extensive of any presidential candidate so far this year about Arab-American and Muslim issues. Before his talk, he met with Syrian and Iraqi refugees in metro Detroit, listening to their stories.

O’Malley called for bringing in 65,000 Syrian refugees, more than what the U.S. government currently plans to take in. Noting that Germany is taking in 800,000 refugees, he said: “As a nation, we should step up…we are a large nation. We must do better.”  [I think he hasn’t been properly briefed—all of his pals on the hard left are pushing for 100,000 Syrians now, 65,000 was sooo last spring!—ed]

Muslims are just like my Grandpappy from Ireland!

“When I look in the eyes of immigrants, I see my grandparents,” he said.

Bad boys—Donald and Ben!

O’Malley slammed Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Detroit native Dr. Ben Carson for making anti-Muslim remarks. He said there is a disturbing pattern of anti-Muslim sentiment, saying “houses of worship…have been denied permits, worshippers exiting the mosque in Phoenix (Arizona)…greeted with protesters carrying assault rifles.”

O’Malley said that a “shadowy network of hateful” groups is “scapegoating and marginalizing Arab and Muslim Americans.”

I don’t think there is anything shadowy about those thinking it’s absolutely INSANE to bring in 65,000-100,000 (or even 10,000) Syrian Muslims (97% entering the US right now are Muslims) and disburse them throughout America. We are all quite out in the open!
Note to the “shadowy network” in Michigan….
O’Malley is not alone—Michigan Republican Governor Snyder wants to boost the Muslim population of Michigan too!   Here is more news on that which I won’t have time to post separately.  See if you can figure out for what Michigan is receiving $3 million from the feds.  If it’s for the school system that would be a drop in the bucket for what the refugee kids cost state taxpayers.

German health care system strained (ya think!)

Invasion of Europe news……

Germany welcome
German people welcome refugees (health problems and all!). For how long?

This is a long article, carefully written to avoid scaring the heck out of readers, but you can imagine the challenge of dealing with hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers flooding the German health care system.  Screening for communicable diseases is at the top of the list for new arrivals, but many don’t get screening for weeks or even longer.
I’ll let you read it yourself.  However, here is one particularly concerning subject, and one we have here in the US as well—-refugees have mental health problems.  And, these are the people Germany is counting on to be the worker-bees of the future who will take care of the aging German population?
From Health Affairs Blog:

In the immediate future, efforts to reduce bureaucratic hurdles need to continue; however, it is just as important is to address the linguistic, cultural, and societal barriers to access. This is a particular concern for ensuring proper mental health care. Studies show that more than half of the asylum-seekers and refugees arriving in Germany have mental health problems, especially minors. And institutional accommodation and restricted economic opportunities have been associated with worse mental health of refugees. While mental health services are available, and there are specialised services for traumatised refugees, uptake is low due to low awareness and cultural barriers. Other issues that need urgent attention are providing adequate shelter to avoid crowding and ensuring good hygienic condition.

About the photo:  It is here at Snopes where the Leftwing site tries to dispel a story making the rounds about a woman doctor working in Germany.  Read it and decide for yourself if it rings true, or not.
More ‘Invasion of Europe’ news is here.  Click here for our complete archive on Germany.  And, if you’ve never seen it, we have an entire category on ‘health issues’ (282 previous posts).