Martin O'Malley In Dearborn, Michigan: Bring in the Syrian Muslims! Michigan needs more!

They are just like my Irish ancestors! 

I know, O’Malley is going nowhere in his bid to knock out Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and still possibly Joe Biden to become the Democrat nominee for President of the US, but since he was Maryland’s governor and Baltimore’s mayor, this news interested me (a Marylander). And, LOL! I think I might be in that “shadowy network” he refers to (but, it is not so shadowy).

Martin O'Malley
Former MD Governor Martin O’Malley: Muslim refugees just like my County Mayo ancestors. (I know I have used this photo before, but I love it!)

From the Detroit Free Press:

Speaking to Arab Americans in Dearborn, Democratic presidential candidate and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley slammed “Islamophobia and xenophobia,” saying the U.S. should take in more Syrian refugees.

“I stand for a more compassionate America,” O’Malley said to about 200 people at the University of Michigan-Dearborn as part of a three-day conference held by the Arab American Institute. “We are a nation of immigrants and refugees. It’s in our DNA…The enduring symbol of America is not the barbed-wire fence. It is the Statue of Liberty.

O’Malley spoke Friday afternoon in a city whose population is more than 40% Arab-American Muslim. His remarks were the most extensive of any presidential candidate so far this year about Arab-American and Muslim issues. Before his talk, he met with Syrian and Iraqi refugees in metro Detroit, listening to their stories.

O’Malley called for bringing in 65,000 Syrian refugees, more than what the U.S. government currently plans to take in. Noting that Germany is taking in 800,000 refugees, he said: “As a nation, we should step up…we are a large nation. We must do better.”  [I think he hasn’t been properly briefed—all of his pals on the hard left are pushing for 100,000 Syrians now, 65,000 was sooo last spring!—ed]

Muslims are just like my Grandpappy from Ireland!

“When I look in the eyes of immigrants, I see my grandparents,” he said.

Bad boys—Donald and Ben!

O’Malley slammed Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Detroit native Dr. Ben Carson for making anti-Muslim remarks. He said there is a disturbing pattern of anti-Muslim sentiment, saying “houses of worship…have been denied permits, worshippers exiting the mosque in Phoenix (Arizona)…greeted with protesters carrying assault rifles.”

O’Malley said that a “shadowy network of hateful” groups is “scapegoating and marginalizing Arab and Muslim Americans.”

I don’t think there is anything shadowy about those thinking it’s absolutely INSANE to bring in 65,000-100,000 (or even 10,000) Syrian Muslims (97% entering the US right now are Muslims) and disburse them throughout America. We are all quite out in the open!
Note to the “shadowy network” in Michigan….
O’Malley is not alone—Michigan Republican Governor Snyder wants to boost the Muslim population of Michigan too!   Here is more news on that which I won’t have time to post separately.  See if you can figure out for what Michigan is receiving $3 million from the feds.  If it’s for the school system that would be a drop in the bucket for what the refugee kids cost state taxpayers.

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