Raleigh, NC: Federal resettlement contractor goes into the half-way house business, not enough subsidized housing?

Editor’s note:  There are so many stories like this one, warm and fuzzy stories, about how volunteers are jumping in to help third world refugees arriving in America, that I couldn’t possibly post them all.  Nor, do I have time to take every one of them apart for you.  That said, please see this news from North Carolina where apparently local churches have run out of America poor and homeless people and so are doing their Christian charity for third world refugees by furnishing half-way houses for them (and for a multi-million dollar federal resettlement contractor).

Stacie Blake
Stacie Blake, a Washington DC ‘advocate’ for federal refugee contractor USCRI, gushes over new halfway house project in Raleigh, NC. http://www.refugees.org/about-us/who-we-are/our-staff/?referrer=https://www.google.com/

Here are some points to consider as you read through this puff piece (besides the fact that we can only assume there are no more needy Americans/homeless vets in Raleigh):

~USCRI (US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants) is a federal contractor (one of nine) which gets 99% of its “contributions” from you, the US taxpayer. See page 9 of a recent Form 990. They had gifts and contributions in the amount of $35,676,146 and received $35,429,570 from GOVERNMENT GRANTS (that is your money). Salaries are on page 7. They are not a poor and struggling non-profit group, but in reality a quasi-government agency.

~USCRI signs a contract (oopsy an “agreement”) with the US State Department promising to find apartments for refugees, so I am surprised that the US State Department is letting them put refugees in what amounts to half-way houses (described in this article).  Are these contractors in the real estate business now?

~The good Baptists and other church folks helping should know that their volunteer time has a dollar value placed on it for the purpose of USCRI showing the feds that they have made a financial contribution, that USCRI has ‘skin in the game.’

Likewise the donation of furniture and other donations, like clothes, have a dollar value placed on them for the purpose, again, of showing the feds that they (USCRI) are holding up their end of the highly touted “public-private partnership” (which has become a joke) as the public contribution now far outweighs any private donations as you see in their Form 990.

~North Carolina has become one of the top states to ‘welcome’ refugees (don’t ask me how it got that way, except that I think when it was first targeted, the federal contractors found no resistance and there must be labor intensive industries looking for cheap labor). We learn that Raleigh has four of the nine major federal contractors working there and ‘welcomes’ 325 refugees a year.

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Serious students of the refugee program might want to watch Ms. Blake in this 20 minute video in which she explains that 35 years ago, before the Refugee Act of 1980, everyone did “immigration work.”  However, when the Act was signed into law it came with “money attached to it” for refugees and thus a division developed between immigration activism generally and those working on Refugees (with a capital R, she says).  Now they are coming together again, reports Ms. Blake.
I think that is obvious when you see the line-up of the big NYC pow-wow, here, to prepare for the 2016 Presidential race.

Could you lose your gun rights as US refugee population grows?

Yes, gloats Adam Winkler at the Washington Post a few days ago.  He says that the decline in the white American population that is happening before our very eyes will inevitably erode the numbers of those (mostly older, white, rural people he says) who strongly defend their second amendment rights.  The growth in minority populations, he predicts, will be dooming the NRA’s chances of surviving for too much longer.

Adam Winkler
Law professor Adam Winkler wants you to know that as refugees and other immigrants pour into America you will be losing your gun rights. (Of course he is thrilled about it). https://law.ucla.edu/faculty/faculty-profiles/adam-winkler/

Obama is changing America by changing the people! That is a fact! Refugee resettlement is one of the myriad immigration programs  designed to accomplish that. If Hillary follows him in office, the process will continue unimpeded.
I had to laugh, although it isn’t really funny, but the good professor Winkler mentions “whites” five times in this article—white voters, white rural, less educated, in sneering tones (he is really saying white hicks). Everyone else is “minorities”—no mention of blacks or browns—just Asians, Hispanics, etc.  Why can’t we be called something other than our skin color?
We have a proud European heritage, but we are relegated to being labelled simply as “whites” by the erudite Professor Winkler.
LOL! If we referred to ourselves as ‘whites’ that often we would be accused of being white supremacists!
The Washington Post:

The National Rifle Association’s days of being a political powerhouse may be numbered.

Why? The answer is in the numbers.

Support for, and opposition to, gun control is closely associated with several demographic characteristics, including race, level of education and whether one lives in a city. Nearly all are trending forcefully against the NRA.

The core of the NRA’s support comes from white, rural and relatively less educated voters. This demographic is currently influential in politics but clearly on the wane. While the decline of white, rural, less educated Americans is generally well known, less often recognized is what this means for gun legislation.

Polls show that whites tend to favor gun rights over gun control by a significant margin (57 percent to 40 percent). Yet whites, who comprise 63 percent of the population today, won’t be in the majority for long. Racial minorities are soon to be a majority, and they are the nation’s strongest supporters of strict gun laws.

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I’m repeating my appeal from earlier in the month—young patriots please have more babies!  And, if you needed another reason to demand a halt to mass migration into America, this is it!
One more thing, Professor Winkler begins his piece with a mention of the Oregon shooting—but no mention of the fact that the shooter was a brown guy!

FBI Director James Comey says it again: They cannot screen Syrian refugees entering the US

FBI comey
FBI Director Comey: Syrian refugees cannot be thoroughly screened. Trey Gowdy are you listening?

This time he says it before the House Homeland Security Committee in a hearing yesterday, here.
Which reminds me—whatever happened to the House Judiciary Committee hearing oversight hearing on the Refugee Admissions Program that had been planned for a couple of weeks ago and abruptly postponed.  Did they chicken out?
Or are they now waiting for instructions from Rep. Paul Ryan who will be a disaster for us if elected Speaker?
When Rep. Trey Gowdy (chairman of the subcommittee responsible for the refugee program) gets past his big Hillary hearing today, he needs to turn his attention to the issue that will have a much greater impact on us than Hillary and Benghazi—that is changing America demographically forever!
Here is the Daily Caller on what Director Comey said yesterday:

FBI director James Comey said during a House Committee on Homeland Security hearing on Wednesday that the federal government does not have the ability to conduct thorough background checks on all of the 10,000 Syrian refugees that the Obama administration says will be allowed to come to the U.S.

“We can only query against that which we have collected,” Comey said in response to a line of questioning from Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson .

“And so if someone has never made a ripple in the pond in Syria in a way that would get their identity or their interest reflected in our database, we can query our database until the cows come home, but there will be nothing show up because we have no record of them.”

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