RRW Weekly roundup for week ending October 24, 2015

I’m off this morning to a conference in the Washington, DC area, so not much time to bring you news today.
I can’t emphasize enough that Rep. Paul Ryan will be a disaster for all of us concerned with mass migration—legal and illegal.  See my post from Friday, here, and please continue calling your Republican Members of Congress tomorrow.  We really are surrounded with those who want to change America by changing the people on the Left and then the big money interests on the Right who want to import cheap labor and those Washington elitists (the ruling class!) who put holding the Republican Party together before the good of the average patriotic American citizen.  The end result (from both sides) will be the decimation of the middle class.

Here are our Top Three Posts of the week (Top Daily Posts are in the right hand side bar):

(Numbers 2 and 3 are older posts that readers picked up and sent out through social media.)

1)Gatestone: Sweden close to collapse

2)List of ORR “preferred” communities has some additions

3)So where might those Syrians be going?

#3 is almost a year old and since we posted it, we have a newer map.  See it here.  And, we have also identified those towns and cities already receiving (being “seeded” with) Syrians, here.  Those will surely be getting more as the fiscal year progresses.

Top Ten Countries (excluding the US from which we received readers this past week):





Japan (may be the first time Japan breaks into the top ten)





South Africa

And, I am mentioning #11 because it is such a surprise—-Slovenia! Welcome!

For new readers (thousands of you every day!):

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I very much appreciate all of your requests for me to speak to your groups, but I am not taking any more speaking trips for the foreseeable future mostly because I believe my strength is in researching and reporting the news while traveling gobbles up enormous amounts of my time.
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