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From Foreign Policy story entitled, ‘The men who pretend to be Syrian refugees.’

Really good article here at Foreign Policy telling us how the ‘refugees’ reaching Greece lie, claiming to be Syrians, and how the Greek authorities sort them out.  However, it appears that no matter what nationality they determine the mostly men to be, they are moved northward in Europe.
Foreign Policy’s opening lines:

KARA TEPE, Greece — “Oh, you’re from Syria,” said one of the officials holding up a spiral-bound book with color pictures of 100-pound notes. “Can you point to which of these pictures is your home currency?”

One by one, the head of the vetting team led by Frontex, a European Union agency that works between member states to secure EU borders, quizzes men and families claiming to be from Syria who arrive on the Greek island of Lesbos.

“I’m a Syrian,” the man repeated to the official cautiously, his shoes and clothing still wet from the journey by sea earlier that day. “From Deir Ezzor.”

The man, who had arrived from Turkey that morning, hesitated and pointed to a yellow bill, a fake note that vaguely resembled Lebanese currency but was clearly not from Syria.


German officials have said that 30 percent of the people claiming to be Syrian asylum-seekers in Germany are not in fact from Syria, but officials in Greece with knowledge of the initial registration process on the Aegean island estimate the number is much higher.

Read the whole shocking (LOL! maybe not shocking!) story by clicking here.
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